Artist Inspirations: Storytellers

Evil Spock in the Transporter room “welcoming” the away team.
Spock went from arms crossed to the Terran Empire’s salute. I’m glad they didn’t make the ornament based off the far right image.
Good Uhura just after shutting down Evil Sulu’s advances.
Evil Chekov in an attempted coup after disembarking the Turbolift with Kirk.
Left: Evil Sulu in a second attempted coup.
Right: The blade of the dagger is turned fat side out so you can see it from your couch when the ornament is hanging on the tree.
In the episode, “Mirror, Mirror”, Kirk is never seen in the power stance with arms akimbo like the ornament depicts (A). He can be seen most of the time in his space-cowboy-strutting position (B) and once in the I-found-a-new-woman-in-my-room pose (C) and once in his I’m-gonna-kick-bad-Sulu’s-butt position (D). Kirk is the only Storyteller of the five released so far that isn’t based on a screen image from the episode.

8 thoughts on “Artist Inspirations: Storytellers

  1. Kevin Dilmore

    Wow! Those shots absolutely were among the ideas I sent to sculptors. Nice work! No speculations for the remaining two? Full disclosure: I’ve not seen them yet.

    We fudged for Captain Kirk after we were asked by Keepsakes to depict him in a, well, more commanding pose. (heehee—sorry.) I found this shot from TAS as a proof of concept and we got it approved.

    I also asked about showing Spock holding out an agonizer but I was politely declined. 😉


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