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2023 Hallmark Star Trek Ornament Lineup!

2023 brings us a whopping FIVE Star Trek products from Hallmark! Lower Decks becomes the 10th series in the Star Trek franchise with an ornament with a 2-pack of Badgeys. We Aldo get a fantastic likeness of Picard and Scotty from the iconic Next Generation episode “Relics”. A new U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 table decoration that is reminiscent of the Enterprise Storyteller Tree Topper. we have learned the previously announced Data and Spot ornament is officially called Data’s Ode to Spot. And finally, we have The Hand of Apollo ornament, a fantastic looking ornament that a bulb from a light strand can be inserted into to make a glowing effect.

Hallmark’s Star Trek line has been centered on the Storytellers series for the last three years and in 2023 we seem to have had an explosion of exciting ideas and designs!

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114. Data’s Ode to Spot
Star Trek: The Next Generation
July 2023
Hear dialogue from the show!

115. The Hand of Apollo
Star Trek: The Original Series
July 2023
Attaches to a light string.

116. “Relics”
Star Trek: The Next Generation
October 2023
Hear dialogue from the episode!

117. Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 Tabletop
Star Trek: The Original Series
October 2023
Lights up and plays sound effects, including dialogue from Star Trek: The Original Series.

118. Badgey (Set of 2)
Star Trek: Lower Decks
October 2023

Star Trek Voyager – Hallmark Christmas Ornament Commercial (1996)

Unlike previous Hallmark Star Trek commercials, the 1996 Voyager ad features clips from the series piecemealed together to make a cohesive narrative. Notice the odd tagline at the end…”You’ll feel better inside”.

  • Voice over: “The U.S.S. Voyager has just returned to Earth.”
  • Neelix: “I can’t believe this.”
  • Chakotay: “On screen.”
  • Tom Paris: “It’s the Voyager.”
  • The Doctor: “Where?”
  • Voice over: “At your Hallmark Gold Crown store.”
  • Chakotay: “I never thought it would actually happen. Are we ready for it?”
  • Voice over: “Get the U.S.S. Voyager Keepsake Magic ornament, now only at Hallmark Gold Crown.”
  • Harry Kim: “You know, I think a memento for my parents would be a great idea.”
  • B’Elanna Torres: “You took the words right out of my mouth.”
  • *singing*: “This is your Hallmark Gold Crown store. You’ll feel better inside.”

Watch the previous 1992-1995 Hallmark Star Trek ornament commercials.

A Look Back at Star Trek in the Hallmark Dream Books

Ornament collectors everywhere countdown to the day the new Hallmark Dream Book arrives in July. It is the true start of the Christmas season!

The first Star Trek ornament debuted in the 1991 Dream Book but was left out from 1992-1994. Trek ornaments would appear in the catalog every year once they returned in 1995. Below are all of the Dream Book pages that Star Trek ornaments have graced. I have substituted print advertisements for the years they were absent in the early 90s.

2022 Dream Book Cover Revealed, Facebook Live Event Scheduled For April 14th

2022 Dream Book available in April 2022
2022 KOC Exclusive Dream Book available in April 2022

Save the Date! Join us on the Keepsake Facebook page on April 14 for our Dream Book Facebook Live event! Hear from artists Sheyda Abvabi Best, Nello Williams and Orville Wilson as they share all about their NEW first in series ornaments releasing this year, what’s on their Wish List, and more! Be sure to tune in live from 12pm-1pm CT for the chance to win giveaways and more! Let us know you plan to join:

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