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41) 2005 Locutus of Borg


Captain Jean-Luc Picard faces his worst nightmare-again. In STAR TREK: First Contact, Picard and crew of the ENTERPRISE are perhaps the only ones who can stop the Borg’s attempt to assimimlate all of planet Earth. Having been previously abducted and transformed into “Locutus of Borg,” Picard struggles to defeat the demons that remain from his experiences with the Borg. The fate of Earth and all the peoples of the Federation are at stake. “Resistance is futile.” Or is it?

This Keepsake Ornament features dialogue between Locutus and the Borg queen. Press the button on the side to hear one of four different parts of their conversations. The eerie lights of the regeneration chamber flash continuously.

Size: 4½” H

Artist: Anita Marra Rogers

image image

40) 2005 Khan


Khan Noonien Singh

Bron: India, Earth

Genetically engineered superhuman, Late 20th Century

Introduced during the 1967 season of the STAR TREK telelvison series, Khan was one of the show’s most notorious villains.  Overthrown during Earth’s Eugenic Wars, he and his followers excaped in a hastily launched sleeper vessel and drifted in space for more than a century before being discvoered by the U.S.S. Enterprise. True to his nature, he plottedto take control of the ENTERPRISE, but was thwarted by Kirk and exhiled to the planet Cet Alpha V.

Anita Marra Rogers



39) 2005 U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-A



Original Retail:  $28.00

Artist:  Lynn Norton

Novelty:  Battery light

Box Text:  Under the command of Captain James T. Kirk the starship U.S.S. ENTERPRISE NCC-1701-A was pressed into service to replace its namesake that was destroyed on a previous mission.  Nearly identical to its predecessor, the    ENTERPRISE-A was prematurely launched to intervene in a hostage situation on planet NIMBUS III, forcing the crew to complete vital systems while en route.

This Keepsake Ornament captures the classic, upgraded design of the legendary U.S.S> ENTERPRISE as it first appeared in STAR TREK feature films.  The ship, with its lighted impulse engines and deflector dish, will be an exciting addition to your Starfleet.

To see the light feature, press the button next to the battery compartment on the bottom of the ornament.  the lights will turn off automatically after 20 seconds.

Serial #:  QXI6215

Lynn Norton…

“I loved the very dramatic unveiling of that ship in Star Trek: The Motion Picture. I’ll never forget the awe I felt from seeing it on the big screen. That was the first time we ever had seen it like that, and it was detailed out for us to see in all its glory. Fans wanted it, too. There was a campaign petitioning Hallmark for several years requesting it. ‘You need to do that ship!’

“Originally, our ornament of the A was planned as our last starship with a cord for power, but the design had to be shifted to battery operation or it wasn’t going to pass UL (Underwriters Laboratories) specifications. That’s why my sculpt has those awful tree-trunk pylons to support the nacelles; they had to be big enough to house the wiring to satisfy UL. Since then, every ship has been battery-operated.” – See more at: