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This ornament has no bells and whistles. The 1994 plastic Klingon Bird of Prey from Hallmark has lights that are powered by plugging into a string of Christmas lights, which the Bounty edition does not because it is solid metal. The die casting is very good. A lot of little details can be seen and felt, from tiny ridges on the fuselage and raised patterns on the wings to the detailed weapons turrets. The finished product is clean with no visible seams or flaws.

Holding this hefty little bird in my hand I can imagine a couple of humpback whales inside. No wonder it’s so heavy!

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Veteran Hallmark artist Jake Angell has once again outdone himself with the design of “Mirror, Mirror” Spock.  Standing with his arms crossed, Spock is a handsome figure. The details—from his trademark beard to his medals and Terran Empire badge—are precise for such a small model. His gold sash hangs neatly over his left thigh and his dagger is at his right hip.

Christine Rideout,

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