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11) 1996 Commander William T. Riker



Born: Valdez, Alaska, Planet Earth

Graduate:  Starfleet Academy

Rank:  Executive Officer of the fifth Federation starship to carry the name U.S.S. Enterprise, a 24th-century strarship assigned to Deep Space exploration.

Famous Words:  “Permission to speak candidly?”  Also, “Away team, set phasers on stun.”

Chosen to serve as “Number One” aboard the Enterpriseby Captain Jean-Lu picard, Cammander Riker (jonathan Frakes) delights in taking on challenges.  he once colunteered for an assignment on a Klingon Bird-of-Prey.

Look for Commander Riker’s counterpart, Mr. Spock, from the orignal STAR TREK television series, in the 1996 Keepsake Ornament Collection at your Hallmark retailer.