Artist Inspirations: Data (1997)

The 1997 Data ornament inspiration is harder to pin down than others in the line. Data is in his familiar position on the bridge but there wasn’t one obvious image the ornament seemed to mimic.

The only clue to go on is the missing headrest on his chair indicating that it is after Season 1. In the end, the most similar image on the internet seems to be from Season 3, Episode 1 “Evolutions”.

Season 1, Episode 3 ”Code of Honor” seated with headrest.
Season 2, Episode 2 ”Where Silence Has Lease” with no headrest.

Left: Data from Season 1 with headrest.

Right: Data was seen in multiple episodes seated at the controls.

Image A (above) Brent Spiner looks into the camera in what at first appears to be a publicity still.
Image B (above): Spiner is obviously looking over his shoulder and past the camera. This appears to be the frame after Image A. This still was tracked down to Season 3, Episode 1”Evolutions” (TNG).
You can see in Image B (right) Spiner’s head has turned to expose more of the sign on door behind him.
The major differences are the position of Data’s right hand and shoulders. The image is close but not likely the ornament’s inspiration.

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