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Artist Inspirations: Picard (2021)

It appears the 2021 Hallmark Picard ornament was inspired by a deleted scene or photo from the set of Star Trek: The Next Generation’s series finale, ”All Good Things…”.

Left: 2021 Hallmark Picard ornament.
Middle: Picard on set of The Next Generation’s ”All Good Things…”.
Above: Images of Picard on trial in ”Encounter at Farpoint” with crew by his side and standing on an unlit platform confirming the inspirational image was not taken from this episode with a similar set.
Left: Image from ”All Good Things…” where Q questions Picard. Picard stands during every trial scene with his arms at his sides.
Right: Picard’s pose with right hand over left is never seen during the episode which makes it likely from a deleted scene or an onset photo due to coverage of the series’ finale.

The only other images I could find of Picard in the same pose…

Left: Image from “Jean-Luc Picard Was the Father Figure I Needed”,, January 9, 2020.
Right: 2014 set of salt and pepper shakers.

I would take great delight if the artist’s inspiration was taken from a salt shaker.

77 Missing Star Trek Character Ornaments Ranked

Hallmark has overlooked some very important Star Trek characters from past series along with a huge cast of characters from the many Star Trek series currently airing. This is a list ranking those ornaments from most coveted to those we could do without. The list considers there five factors to help determine ranking:

  • Significance: How big of an impact did they make in the Trek universe?
  • Relevance: Is the series currently in production?
  • Popularity: What does their character mean to the average Trek fan?
  • Visual interest: Aliens > Humans.
  • Rank: Pips matter.
  1. Christopher Pike (DIS/SNW): So much onscreen presence AND Trek universe importance.
  2. Number One/Una Chin-Riley (DIS/SNW): “I am the very model of a modern Major-General” sound chip, please.
  3. Beckett Mariner (LOW): The core four of Lower Decks should come out as a four pack. Would work well as enamel two dimensional ornaments in the Hallmark branded line.
  4. ^^^^^Brad Boimler (LOW):
  5. ^^^^^D’Vana Tendi (LOW):
  6. ^^^^^Sam Rutherford (LOW):
  7. Quark (DS9): Unfortunately, only available as a Star Trek: The Experience ornament.
  8. Odo (DS9): How did this never happen? I suppose I can pretend he morphed into a chair ornament.
  9. Neelix (VOY): Another Star Trek: The Experience ornament that Hallmark never took on.
  10. Phlox (ENT): Phlox was a poor man’s Neelix, who was a poor man’s Odo, who was a poor man’s Data who was a poor man’s Spock but I still want him in ornament form.
  11. Sylvia Tilly (DIS): A series and franchise favorite.
  12. Dal (PRO): The Prodigy cast should be released as a set. If they were to release just one a year their biggest audience will likely age out.
  13. ^^^^^Gwyn (PRO):
  14. ^^^^^Rok-Tahk (PRO): Certainly to become a fan favorite.
  15. ^^^^^Murf (PRO):
  16. ^^^^^Jankom Pog (PRO):
  17. ^^^^^Zero (PRO):
  18. ^^^^^Hologram Kathryn Janeway (PRO):
  19. Guinan (TNG): She was too big of a character on and off screen not to be immortalized as an ornament.
  20. Harry Mudd (DIS): Nobody is going to complain about having Harry Mudd hanging from their tree and between his small stint on Discovery and his episode of Short Treks Harry had some very memorable screen time.
  21. Geordi LaForge (TNG): A TNG fan fave that has been overlooked far too long.
  22. Hemmer (SNW): An Aenar played by a blind actor. I’m excited to see what is in store for us.
  23. Christine Chapel (TOS): It would be nice to get something fresh from TOS.
  24. Carol Freeman (LOW): Lower Deck’s upper deckers should come out as a four pack the year after the first four. Don’t overlook this captain.
  25. ^^^^^Jack Ransom (LOW):
  26. ^^^^^Shaxs (LOW):
  27. ^^^^^T’Ana (LOW): Ha! Yes, please.
  28. Philippa Georgiou (DIS): Big role, big impact. Unfortunately, she has left Discovery. Hopefully, she will get her own in the long rumored Star Trek: Section 31.
  29. Miles O’Brien (DS9): At least give us an O’Brien statue as seen on Lower Decks.
  30. Seven of Nine (PIC): An older, wiser, more travelled Seven.
  31. Spock (DIS/SNW): A new take on Spock deserves a new ornament.
  32. Nyota Uhura (SNW): A new take on a classic character. Crossing my fingers this character gets her due.
  33. Chakotay (VOY): Voyager’s second in command.
  34. Kira Nerys (DS9): Deep Space Nine’s second in command.
  35. Tom Paris (VOY/LOW): A plate ornament would be a delight.
  36. Deanna Troi (TNG/PIC): Presses button: ”Pain! I feel pain!”
  37. Paul Stamets (DIS): A Paul/Hugh ornament would be welcome
  38. Hugh Culber (DIS): See above.
  39. Jadzia Dax (DS9): This would have been popular back in the DS9 days and would likely still be today.
  40. Tuvok (VOY): Do I have to settle for Tuvix just to check two ornaments off the list.
  41. B’Elanna Torres (VOY): Her standing over the crib with the mobile made of Star Trek ornaments would be very meta.
  42. Garak (DS9): A crowd-pleasing peripheral character.
  43. Jean-Luc Picard (PIC): We have his voice on the La Sirena ornament of 2021. perhaps that is enough but an ornament from a scene of Stardust City Rag would be welcomed.
  44. Wesley Crusher (TNG): Sure, the beginning was a little rough but Wil Wheaton has been a fantastic Star Trek ambassador since.
  45. Jett Reno (DIS): Of course, a sound chip would be a must and any random Reno line.
  46. Morn: I would pay double for a sound chip that does nothing.
  47. Cleveland ”Book” Booker (DIS): A two pack of Booker and Grudge please.
  48. Ezri Dax (DS9): I think if I had a Jadzia ornament I’d need an Ezri to follow it up with.
  49. Cristobal “Chris” Rios (PIC): A lot of ”characters” to choose from.
  50. Tasha Yar (TNG): The closest we may ever get to a Tasha ornament were the Enterprise C ornaments from 2015 and 2017.
  51. Harry Kim (VOY): I am so preoccupied with whether they could, I haven’t stopped to think if they should.
  52. Rom (DS9): Not to lump them together but we need a Quark before we can hope for a Rom.
  53. Nog (DS9): Not to lump them together but we need a Rom before we can hope for a Nog. I’d love to see Nog in a Starfleet uniform.
  54. Beverly Crusher (TNG): After McCoy, the doctors of Trek get short shrift.
  55. Christine Chapel (SNW): Never got the original. Perhaps we will get the new version.
  56. Dahj and/or Soji Asha (PIC): Maybe in the form of Data’s painting.
  57. Adira Tal (DIS): They’re getting more screen time this season but i am still waiting for that breakout moment.
  58. M’Benga (SNW): Can’t wait to see this character get fleshed out
  59. Dukat (DS9): Please give us the Cardassian we deserve.
  60. Janice Rand (TOS): A great opportunity to revisit TOS with a fresh face. Nerds would love it.
  61. The Diviner (PRO): A second wave of Prodigy ornaments begins here…
  62. ^^^^^ Drednok (PRO): …and ends here.
  63. Julian Bashir (DS9): Just what the doctor ordered.
  64. Gray Tal (DIS): Not quite found his footing within the franchise yet.
  65. Hoshi Sato (ENT): A Mirror universe Hoshi would be cool.
  66. Elnor (PIC): Please hold while this list pauses due to boredom…
  67. Rafaella “Raffi” Musiker (PIC): …
  68. La’an Noonien-Singh (SNW): …
  69. Erica Ortegas (SNW)
  70. Travis Mayweather (ENT): …we appreciate your patience, we will be with you shortly…
  71. Malcolm Reed (ENT):
  72. Joann Owosekun (DIS): …
  73. Keyla Detmer (DIS): …
  74. Agnes Jurati (PIC): …thank you for holding…
  75. Data (PIC): A new Data ornament would require more plastic than he did when he was younger. If you get what I’m saying.
  76. Kes (VOY): If I had to have a Kes ornament in order to get a Neelix ornament I would pass on a Neelix ornament.
  77. Katherine Pulaski (TNG): No, thank you.

Discontinued Hallmark Legacy Cords in High Demand (2021) *UPDATED*

The Legacy Cord powers up to four Magic Keepsake Ornaments produced in 2009 and earlier. Unfortunately, it was discontinued and not available this year. This means there are 15 Star Trek ornaments (and hundreds of other Hallmark ornaments) that will remain dark, quiet and motionless if you are without.

The cord can be found secondhand on eBay at a premium. So far this month 20 Legacy Cords have been sold on eBay averaging more than $180 each. Considering each cord only lights four ornaments you would be paying $45 to power each ornament. has had more than 7,500 searches for Hallmark’s Legacy Cord just in 2021. There is no doubt Hallmark should bring back the Legacy Cord for the longtime Hallmark faithful.

“I am desperately looking for legacy cord.please bring it back.”

Nelda Cummings September 28, 2021 at 2:06 pm

“Really need to bring these back for those of us that just want to enjoy our ornaments. eBay prices are outrageous!!!!”

Camille Johnson October 24, 2021 at 4:40 pm

“Please bring back the legacy cord. Missed it the first time — will not if you bring back.”

Pat November 21, 2021 at 10:08 pm

“Why stop making The legacy cord? I have many ornaments prior to 2010 that I now cannot use. We enjoyed them and spent a lot of money on them. Come on Hallmark!”

Paula Page November 24, 2021 at 11:29 am

“I have been a collector of your Hallmark Ornaments for many years, especially the Peanuts Plug Ins plus many others. I have so many that one cord would be enough to power up my ornaments. I can’t afford to pay the high ridiculous prices for the few i find on the secondary market. How can we enjoy these ornaments with no source of power? Please bring these Legacy Cords back so we can have a Merry Christmas and keep the tradition alive.”

Ellen Van Handel December 4, 2021 at 11:41 pm

“I agree with all of the comments! I would love to power my Star Wars Hallmark Ornaments with the Legacy Power Cord and not have incandescent light bulbs interfere with the new LED ones. Please bring it back, Hallmark, for us collectors.”

Josh December 7, 2021 at 12:58 am

“I have quite a few of the older Star Trek ship ornaments that plug into the older style Chrismas lights.  Does Halmark sell any kind of powered strip with these older connections?” 

Geoff H., email, December 7, 2021

“Good evening, do you know where I may be able to locate and procure the Legacy Power Cord? I have several Star Trek ornaments that I would love to display. Any help you could provide would be gratefully appreciated.”

James, email, December 8, 2021

“Have spent hundreds of dollars on hallmark ornaments, this is bs that you no longer sell the cord to connect the magic star trek, journey to space and all the other that i paid at least 25.00 and more for.”

terri zwingle December 11, 2021 at 4:07 pm

“Please bring the legacy cord back. I have collected your ornaments since 1978. I purchased the movement ones and enjoyed them. Now I can’t find any where they work. Please bring back the legacy cord or something similar. Thank you I am disgusted that I paid the extra money for the motion ones and now Hallmark does it support them? I have a dated Hallmark ornament for every year from 1978 forward and would like all of them on my tree….”

Joni Marusak December 12, 2021 at 11:40 am

I understand and appreciate people’s concern about the Legacy Cord. I do believe there’s an alternative in the marketplace that will offer a solution.

Hardware stores, home-improvement stores and online retailers still offer strands of lights that accommodate the outdated “pigtail” connectors. Do a search or read the packaging for “incandescent Christmas lights” with incandescent being the key word. A Lowe’s in my area currently is offering a strand that would work for less than $3, which is a bit of a savings over eBay. If you want to make sure a strand will work, slip one of your less-valuable ornaments in your pocket and check the connection for yourself at the store.

A new incandescent strand also gives the bonus of additional lighting that a Legacy Cord doesn’t. One rule-of-thumb from my engineer friends: plug no more than four pigtails into any one strand of lights. They can be a power drain on the whole cord as it is and plugging in five or more risks blowing a fuse on the strand.

Hope this helps. Merry Christmas and keep those tree photos coming!

Kevin Dilmore, Dec 13, 2021 3:49 PM

Please bring these back. I spends thousand of Dollars at Hallmark and it’s not fair that I can’t power these ornaments anymore.

-Kimmkr, Dec 24, 2021 6:21 PM

Sorry, This is a poor excuse from Hallmark. They have been in very short Supply for years. My store only ever got a few of them ever year. I finally had it lined up to snag one this year and they discontinued them. I dont want to use older style lights on my pre-lit tree so these options are not even options. Hallmark is just being greedy and sees it as a reason to force folks to buy newer versions.

-Scott, Dec 28, 2021 1:00 PM

None of the current incandescent strings that I checked out fit the Magic Ornaments. The sockets are too small. I checked many big-box retailers like Home Depot, Ace Hardware, Target, and Walmart and all the light sockets were too small. The only exception was the set of Phillips incandescent lights I purchased. Those were too large. I have one string of older lights that fit when I hold them in with electrical tape. Kevin, if you know of a specific brand of newer incandescent lights that fit the Magic Ornaments, I’m all ears. If I find one that fits, I’ll update this post.

-Lisa, Dec 28, 2021 6:02 PM

I am trying to power my old Star Trek ornaments. I have tried what you suggest and it doesn’t work. Others have had the same experience as shown in the comments below. Do you have a better answer?

-Patrick Sharp, Dec 31, 2021 1:45 AM

Please, please, we are also desperate for a legacy cord. I thought I had ordered one but received a magic cord instead. So frustrated!

Jody Yoxsimer, January 9, 2022 8:03 pm

Hallmark Star Trek Ornaments compatible with the Legacy Cord:
1991 Enterprise, 1992 Galileo, 1993 Enterprise D, 1994 Klingon Bird of Prey, 1995 Romulan Warbird, 1996 Voyager, 1997 Defiant, 1998 Enterprise E, 1999 Rio Grande, 2000 Borg Cube, 2002 Delta Flyer, 2003 Scorpion, 2004 Vulcan Command, 2004 “The City on the Edge of Forever”, 2005 Locutus of Borg

1991 Enterprise with Custom Display Stand

eBay auction

Hallmark Star Trek Enterprise 1991 with custom display stand & power adapter. 
This is the rare 1st Star Trek Hallmark ornament. I’m including a custom display stand the allows you to display the ornament AND power the lights. 
The ornament is new and unused. the box has a slight crease/dent at the top. is not associated with this auction.

By the Numbers: Enterprise B Day!

Today, November 18, 2021, is the 27th anniversary of the release of Star Trek Generations and with it comes the stark reminder that we are still without a Hallmark Enterprise NCC-1701-B ornament. How can any collection be complete with this infamous Excelsior-class starship missing. This was the site of legendary James T. Kirk’s “death”!

An upgrade of the Excelsior-class, she was the third Federation starship to bear the name Enterprise.

During her maiden voyage under Captain Harriman, the starship received a distress call from two El-Aurian transport vessels caught in a strange, mysterious energy ribbon. Kirk, on board as an honored guest, assisted in the rescue while the Enterprise-B got caught in the Nexus.

Kirk was integral in saving the ship, but as the Enterprise pulls away, the ribbon suddenly strikes the starship, tearing a large gash through the hull.

In its wake, it left only a gaping hole in the bulkhead where Captain Kirk once was.

Hallmark has produced no less than 24 Enterprise ornaments over the course of 30 years and still we wait for the NCC-1701-B.

Star Trek Generations was released in 1994 and Hallmark has missed opportunities at the 10th, 15th, 20th and 25th anniversaries. Generations’ 30th anniversary is only three years away and it would be a perfect opportunity to “right the ship”. Hallmark, you’re on the clock!

What kind of society are we without B’s?

OOF! 😉

Okay, let’s all sit down and have an honest chat about the B. I assure you that we’ve had her on our sensors for a long time. (As also the U.S.S. Excelsior—and yes, we are very in tune with the design differences between the starships.) The short answer is, sure, we could do the B . . . but you wouldn’t be so happy about it.

I’m hoping I can get an assist here with some top and side profiles (hint hint). I know a lot of us could do a pretty good job sketching the B from memory but take a good look at the design here. To do the B the way we would want to—with light in all the right places—that’s not an easy trick. We have to pack those skinny nacelles (these are hardly ample, Scotty) with wires and lights and plot the placement of circuit boards and battery housings and all the things either in the primary hull, which is pretty shallow as well, or the pot-belly of a secondary hull that isn’t quite as accommodating as you think.

One solution is just to make the whole ornament big enough to do everything you’d expect it to do . . . leaving you with a B that is unpleasantly out of scale with the rest of your collection and possibly a price point that would be a bump up, too.

Part of the wait we’re all experiencing is on technology. Advancements in consumer electronics, many of which come with price reductions, happen all the time. It was the introduction of a tiny wireless RF chip at the right price that unlocked our ability to do our Storytellers ornaments. I’m hoping you’ve enjoyed what’s come of that so far. 😉

In my own personal experience (and it’s matched by that of plenty of others) the B is the second-most requested Star Trek Keepsake Ornament I’ve heard. The only request I’ve heard more over the years is for a U.S.S. Enterprise tree topper and you know how that story ends. We get it; we want the B, too. I can tell you that it’s not an “if,” it’s a “when.” We just don’t know when.

I’d be remiss if I signed off without thanking each of you for your support of what we’re doing with the Star Trek license. I’m over the moon from your responses to Star Trek Storytellers—it’s among my associations with Star Trek of which I’m most proud. I’m so eager for next year’s additions to complete the story. You’re all terrific and I appreciate you greatly.


PS—if you’re gonna make a pitch of reasons to do the B, I might reconsider the mention of it being the place where Captain Kirk died. We’ve done a Star Trek death scene before and I still remember the social media response to THAT one. haha 😉

-Kevin Dilmore, 11/18/21 aka Enterprise B Day
Starboard elevation. Image from
Dorsal elevation. Image from
Ventral elevation. Image from
Fore elevation. Image from
Aft elevation. Image from

More Enterprise B articles…

HMS Bounty Ornament Sells Out for NYCC Online Event

Yesterday’s NYCC online-only event went live at 11:59 am E.S.T. and while it only took the event exclusive Star Wars Boba Fett ten minutes to sell out and the Ghostbusters Ectomobile 45 minutes, it took the HMS Bounty Star Trek ornament more than 30 hours. The Star Trek event exclusive ornament had previously been available for the SDCC online event (July 23, 2021) and the KOC online event (August 17, 2021).

All 3,750 Klingon Bird-of-Prey ornaments have now been released to the public through the three events. If you are still in need of an ornament you will now need to look at the secondary market where eBay prices have seemed to bottom out at around $60 as of late.

By the Numbers: Production Quantity vs. Resell Value: Fall/2021

The x-axis across the bottom is the quantity of ornaments released while the y-axis is the secondary market price. As you can see from the graph, ornaments with a production run of at least 2800 all have resell prices under $500.

Prices are an average of prices found on Hooked on Hallmark and  The Ornament Factory as of 10.01.21 except Maxine which was last price sold on eBay.

By the Numbers: How Does the Legends Series Stack Up on the Secondary Market? Fall/2021

The Legends series was a series of six character ornaments released annually from 2010 through 2015. In 2016, a Chekov ornament was released in limited quantities that was “inspired” by the Legends Series.

Prices are an average of  prices found on Hooked on Hallmark and  The Ornament Factory as of 10.01.21.