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Star Trek Tree Toppers

For year’s Star Trek fans have been adorning their Christmas tree’s summit with custom made insignia toppers, repurposed Star Trek items and licensed but off-brand pieces.

When Hallmark’s Star Trek Enterprise tree topper premieres next July we will finally have an “official” tree topper that has been 30 years in the making.

The Enterprise tree topper will also be in the Storytellers series and will communicate with other ornaments to retell the classic  Mirror, Mirror episode.

The starship topper comes with a $119.95 price tag but unlike a traditional ornament there is only room for one tree topper on your Christmas tree so the 2020 release is likely to be the only topper we ever see from Hallmark.

2020 Storyteller Mirror Sulu QXI6071
2020 Storyteller Mirror Kirk QXI6061
2020 Storyteller Mirror Uhura QXI6074
2020 Storyteller Enterprise Tree Topper QXI6004


Off-Brands: Star Trek Mini Phaser Replica Keepsake (2015)

Star Trek Mini Phaser Replica Keepsake (2015)


Khan Noonien Singh may be in suspended animation, but you never know when a genetically engineered superhuman baddie might show up unannounced.
Just in case, we have the perfect gear for your next Federation mission: a miniaturized version of the phaser prop from the film Star Trek Into Darkness.
Our Artisan team, the same folks who made the background phasers you see in Star Trek into Darkness, has shrunk our screen-used phaser down to keepsake size for this limited-edition exclusive.
This 3.5-inch-long replica comes in a commemorative case with a window display. It includes a ribbon to display it as an ornament. And, yes, the spinner can be turned so you can choose to set your keepsake to “stun” or “kill”.
The Star Trek Mini Phaser Replica Keepsake makes a perfect gift or stocking stuffer.