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Big Week for Hallmark Star Trek Ornaments

This is is the biggest week of the year for Hallmark Star Trek Ornament fans. It all begins Thursday at New York Comic Con (October 6-9, 2022) where we are expecting to see sneak peeks of some 2023 Hallmark Star Trek Hallmark ornaments.

Hallmark Ornament Debut (October 8-16, 2022) begins Saturday and with it the arrival of two new 2022 Star Trek ornaments. The 2022 McCoy ornament is the last of the three-year, eight-ornament Star Trek Storyteller series. The 2022 U.S.S. Enterprise ornament will be the first to represent the latest Star Trek series, Strange New Worlds.

A big week, indeed! You’re kind to point it out. I’ll admit that I’m eager for Friday, which is the first day that Storytellers buyers who also are KOC members will get the chance to hear the full set in action. My work toward this set began in July 2018 with our first brainstorm. Like any of our Keepsake Ornament initiatives, the likelihood of our doing more of them depends on buyer support. We’ve had great support for this set so far. I’ll throw in one plug: for those of you who haven’t bought in yet, I hope you’ll consider it once you get to hear the full show. If any of you have any questions about the set, I’ll be free to discuss all of it starting Friday.

As far as sneak peeks for 2023, I’m as anticipatory for these as you are but I’ve had no confirmation that our Star Trek line will be previewed at the show. As soon as I know one way or the other, I’ll pass it along. I’m out of the loop this time around as I will not be attending NYCC this week. No reason for that beyond it just not being my turn this year. Those of you going will have plenty of other PopMinded by Hallmark staff members very happy to answer your questions.

Kevin Dilmore

2022 San Diego Comic Con Is Here!

PopMinded by Hallmark – Star Wars in blue. PopMinded by Hallmark in red.

San Diego Comic Con begins this week with convention goers getting their first look into the Exhibit Hall 6:00 pm-9:00 pm P.S.T. on Wednesday.

PopMinded by Hallmark will be at Booth #1505 and PopMinded by Hallmark – Star Wars at Booth #2913.

There is no Hallmark Star Trek event exclusive ornament this year but all is not lost. Be sure to stop by the PopMinded by Hallmark booth (#1505) to check out what we have to look forward to in 2022 (Enterprise, McCoy Storyteller and Transporter water globe) and likely a sneak peek at some 2023 Star Trek ornaments.

No Hallmark Star Trek Event Edition for 2022

For the first time since 2015, Hallmark will not be releasing a Star Trek event edition ornament. The event ornaments available will be from the Star Wars, Harry Potter, Marvel and Dr. Who brands.

Visit to see a full list of event ornaments and conventions Hallmark/PopMinded will be attending.