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By the Numbers: HMS Bounty Ornament Sells Out for NYCC Online Event

Yesterday’s NYCC online-only event went live at 11:59 am E.S.T. and while it only took the event exclusive Star Wars Boba Fett ten minutes to sell out and the Ghostbusters Ectomobile 45 minutes, it took the HMS Bounty Star Trek ornament more than 30 hours. The Star Trek event exclusive ornament had previously been available for the SDCC online event (July 23, 2021) and the KOC online event (August 17, 2021).

All 3,750 Klingon Bird-of-Prey ornaments have now been released to the public through the three events. If you are still in need of an ornament you will now need to look at the secondary market where eBay prices have seemed to bottom out at around $60 as of late.

HMS Bounty Event Exclusive Available Tomorrow for NYCC

  • Available October 7, NOON E.S.T. *ONLINE ONLY*
  • Log into your Hallmark account before noon so you can expedite check out. Limited quantities (less than 1,900) will sell out quickly. July’s SDCC event sold out in five minutes.
  • If you do not have a Hallmark account you will need to register beforehand. 
  • If you already have a Hallmark account be sure to confirm your password is still active ahead of the event.
  • REFRESH! In July, the website didn’t go live until 12:02. There were reports that ornaments went from ‘COMING SOON’ to ‘OUT OF STOCK’ and back to ‘IN STOCK’ just from refreshing the page.
  • Don’t get greedy. Hallmark says you’re not allowed to purchase more than one of each ornament. You may consider getting only one ornament in total. Most customers who had issues during the SDCC event seemed to be buying more than one ornament (i.e. an HMS Bounty AND a Boba Fett).
  • Just because you have an ornament in your shopping cart does not mean it has been allocated to you. You must have your credit card ready. Better yet, have it already on file through the website.
  • Create a account and save your credit card info under profile – payment methods.
  • If you have purchased from before it is likely your credit card is still on file. Verify ahead of time that it is still a good credit card number.

For details on how to purchase exclusives, visit and expect the PopMinded convention shop to return in-person, to a full line-up of events in 2022. Reviews Hallmark ‘Star Trek IV’ HMS Bounty Klingon Bird Of Prey 

This ornament has no bells and whistles. The 1994 plastic Klingon Bird of Prey from Hallmark has lights that are powered by plugging into a string of Christmas lights, which the Bounty edition does not because it is solid metal. The die casting is very good. A lot of little details can be seen and felt, from tiny ridges on the fuselage and raised patterns on the wings to the detailed weapons turrets. The finished product is clean with no visible seams or flaws.

Holding this hefty little bird in my hand I can imagine a couple of humpback whales inside. No wonder it’s so heavy!

Visit for full review and photos. Reviews HMS Bounty Ornament

The 1994 ornament (top) compared to this year’s release.

“In fact, if you look at the photo on the ornament’s box, you can barely make out the details in the sculpt. Honestly, it doesn’t even photograph that well — but when you take a look at the 1994 Bird of Prey ornament, THAT ship looks like it flew right off the screen and onto my tree.”

-Kelly Phillips,

Visit for full review and more images.

HMS Bounty at KOC Fan Convention Ornament Sale Tomorrow

The HMS Bounty will be available for the KOC Fan Convention Ornament Sale taking place August 17, 2021 at 9:00 CT. It will be an online event only and KOC (Keepsake Ornament Club) is required.

KOC membership is sold out for 2021. Check back November 2, 2021 to join the 2022 Keepsake Ornament Club! The KOC is where fans, collectors & holiday enthusiasts come together to share their passion for ornaments. Behind-the-scenes features, exclusive ornaments and special savings are just a few of the perks members enjoy.

KOC Membership Perks

Free membership gift, $75 value: The Dream Box is stuffed full of members-only goodies and the KOC-exclusive Dream Book.
Exclusive savings and pricing: Keep an eye out for special pricing just for you on select Keepsakes gifts. You’ll also receive club mailings throughout the year, each including a $5 off $10 coupon (U.S. only).
Exclusive reward points: As a KOC member you’ll get access to the best Crown Rewards Bonus Points, with opportunities to earn more top-tier rewards than anyone else.
Members-only Ornaments: Our artists created four designs just for 2021 club members.
Behind-the-scenes access: Watch your monthly email newsletters for insider info and a chance to be entered to win a free ornament. Plus look for savings and surprises in your quarterly For Keeps mailings, too.
Exclusive early access to shop: Look for your invitation to shop our ornament release events early at participating stores, where you’ll get first dibs on all ornaments, offers and more!

If you are not already a KOC member the HMS Bounty will be available again October 7, 2021 at Noon E.S.T. for NYCC.

Check this page on August 17 to purchase!