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La Sirena Ornament Review has posted a review of the latest Hallmark Star Trek ornament. La Sirena was the first ornament representing Star Trek: Picard and is available in stores now.

As for the “magic” features, this year’s Hallmark offering doesn’t have any lighting effects, though this version of La Sirena does have an integrated sound chip which cycles through a handful of audio clips from Star Trek: Picard’s first season — all from Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart), though it would have been nice to have at least one recording of the starship’s captain, Cris Rios (Santiago Cabrera) in the mix.

Please visit for the full review and additional photos. Reviews Hallmark ‘Star Trek IV’ HMS Bounty Klingon Bird Of Prey 

This ornament has no bells and whistles. The 1994 plastic Klingon Bird of Prey from Hallmark has lights that are powered by plugging into a string of Christmas lights, which the Bounty edition does not because it is solid metal. The die casting is very good. A lot of little details can be seen and felt, from tiny ridges on the fuselage and raised patterns on the wings to the detailed weapons turrets. The finished product is clean with no visible seams or flaws.

Holding this hefty little bird in my hand I can imagine a couple of humpback whales inside. No wonder it’s so heavy!

Visit for full review and photos. Reviews HMS Bounty Ornament

The 1994 ornament (top) compared to this year’s release.

“In fact, if you look at the photo on the ornament’s box, you can barely make out the details in the sculpt. Honestly, it doesn’t even photograph that well — but when you take a look at the 1994 Bird of Prey ornament, THAT ship looks like it flew right off the screen and onto my tree.”

-Kelly Phillips,

Visit for full review and more images. Reviews Spock Storyteller Ornament

Veteran Hallmark artist Jake Angell has once again outdone himself with the design of “Mirror, Mirror” Spock.  Standing with his arms crossed, Spock is a handsome figure. The details—from his trademark beard to his medals and Terran Empire badge—are precise for such a small model. His gold sash hangs neatly over his left thigh and his dagger is at his right hip.

Christine Rideout,

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Every year, collectors anxiously await the release of Hallmark’s next Star Trek Keepsake ornaments. The first Star Trek Hallmark ornament was the original USS Enterprise NCC-1701 in 1991. Since then, Hallmark has produced at least one Star Trek ornament with lights and sound every year, as well as some without the bells and whistles. And with Christmas two months away, it’s time to start thinking about the holidays.

For 2020, the folks at Hallmark have outdone themselves. Not only are there 3 new Star Trek Keepsake ornaments,  there’s also a large tree topper, and all are themed around the classic episode “Mirror, Mirror,” And together, they tell a story, for real.

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Nuketown’s Ornament a Day


Nuketown celebrated an ornament a day this past December that ranged from Star Wars to Marvel to Alien and to, yes, Star Trek.  These are nine Star Trek ornaments that got singled out in 2019.  Click the links below to get Nuketown’s thoughts on and images of these Hallmark Star Trek ornaments.

City on the Edge of Tomorrow Easily one of my favorite ornaments, the City on the Edge of Forever ornament has been a staple of the Geek Tree since…

Locutus of Borg The Locutus of Borg ornament recreates the conversations between Captain Jean Luc Picard and the Borg Queen…

NCC-1701-E One of my favorite Enterprises, the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-E appeared…

Shuttlecraft Galileo The oldest ornament on the Geek Tree – and the ornament without…

U.S.S. Franklin The Franklin doesn’t have any audio, but its bridge shines white and its…

U.S.S. Voyager This isn’t to say that I don’t like the ornament. It’s a faithful model of the ship…

NCC-1701-C The lights on the ship are bright and clear, which makes it a shame that it…

Golden Enterprise On the one hand, it’s undeniably garish and gaudy. On the other hand…

NCC-1701-D The Geek Tree could easily be the “Star Trek” tree. Starships from the franchise’s television and cinematic runs dominate the tree

Points of Articulation 2018 Star Trek Ornament Reviews

The Points of Articulation has posted three 2018 Hallmark Star Trek ornament reviews which include the U.S.S. Discovery, “The Naked Time” and the Starfleet Tricorder.

The YouTube channel reviews a variety of other products including Micro Machines, NECA and Hot Wheels.

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2017’s Twelve Days of Trekmas by Points of Articulation

25 Days of Christmas: Hallmark Star Trek Ornament Video Reviews



2017’s Twelve Days of Trekmas by Points of Articulation

The Points of Articulation is posting its Hallmark Star Trek ornament reviews this month as the Twelve Days of Trekmas.

The YouTube channel reviews a variety of products including Micro Machines, NECA, Hot Wheels and of course Hallmark Star Trek ornaments.

This year’s reviews include 2017’s U.S.S. Franklin and Picard/Data ornaments along with Hallmark Star Trek offerings  from year’s past.

Day 1: U.S.S. Franklin (2017)

Day 2: U.S.S. Rio Grande (1999)

Day 3: Captain Benjamin Sisko (2001)

Day 4: U.S.S. Defiant (1997)

Day 5: The Doctor (2002)

Day 6: U.S.S. Voyager NCC-74656 (1996)

Day 7: Romulan Warbird (1995)

Day 8: Captain Picard and Lieutenant Commander Data (2017)

Day 9: Future U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D (2007)

Day 10: Locutus of Borg (2005)

Day 11: U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-E (1998)

Day 12: U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D (2012)

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Geekstronomy Reviews Hallmark Ornaments

Equipment: Hallmark U.S.S. Vengeance Keepsake Ornament Review
The U.S.S. Vengeance is molded in a charcoal grey color which is great contrast for the blue LED lights. Speaking of the lights, the U.S.S. Vengeance is illuminated on the front and back of each nacelle, the deflector dish and the impulse engines at the rear of the saucer section. The lights are subtle but they manage to give this tiny ship…(read more at Geekstronomy)

Equipment: Hallmark 50th Anniversary U.S.S. Enterprise Keepsake Ornament
This version of the U.S.S. Enterprise is made from the same mold that was used for the SDCC exclusive U.S.S. Enterprise. The version from San Diego was a reproduction of the Enterprise that was used in the pilot episode, “The Cage,” which means it has “points” on nacelle domes. That is a fine detail that most would never notice but Hallmark doesn’t disappoint…(read more at Geekstronomy)

Equipment: Hallmark Exclusive U.S.S. Enterprise Keepsake Ornament
This exclusive edition is painted to look as the Enterprise did when it first graced television screens in 1966. I have never been disappointed by any of the Keepsake ornaments that Hallmark has produced and this one is another example of their greatness. The level of detail on this small ship is above and beyond, including the extra detail to the…(read more at Geekstronomy)

Equipment: Hallmark Keepsake Ornament U.S.S. Franklin
The sculpture of the Franklin is spot on. I am always amazed just how much detail can be poured into a small ornament. The U.S.S. Franklin NX-326 measures 3.5″ W x 1.1″ H x 5.15″ D. This makes it the perfect size for display because it doesn’t take up too much room. I am sure it would look great next to…(read more at Geekstronomy)