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116. 2023 Relics

Star Trek™: The Next Generation “Relics” Ornament With Sound

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Available October 14, 2023

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Stardate 46125.3—Displaced 75 years into the future as the result of a shuttle accident, Captain Montgomery Scott finds himself aboard a “U.S.S. Enterprise” that’s vastly different from the ship he knew as a Starfleet chief engineer. This Christmas tree ornament captures a conversation between Scotty and Captain Jean-Luc Picard as they reminisce about old ships in the “Star Trek: The Next Generation” episode “Relics” (battery-operated).

  • Key Features: Press the button on the Magic Sound ornament to hear memorable moments from this scene.
  • Additional Details: Plastic Christmas tree ornament.
  • Includes: One 2023 Keepsake Ornament in gift box for easy gift giving, preservation and storage. Requires two (2) LR44 replaceable batteries (included).
  • Size Approx.: 7.21 x 4.98 x 7.21

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Artist Inspirations: Relics (2023)

Left: Star Trek: The Next Generation S:6, E:4 “Relics”
Right: 2023 Hallmark “Relics” ornament.

SCOTT: Here’s to you, lads. 
PICARD: I hope I’m not interrupting. I was just coming off duty and I wanted to see how you were doing. 
SCOTT: Not at all, not at all. Have a drink with me, Captain. 
PICARD: Thank you. 
SCOTT: I don’t know what it is, exactly, but I would be real careful. It’s real 
(Picard knocks it back in one) 
PICARD: Aldebaran whiskey. Who do you think gave it to Guinan? 
PICARD: Constitution class. 
SCOTT: Aye. You’re familiar with them? 
PICARD: There’s one in the Fleet museum, but then of course, this is your Enterprise? 
SCOTT: I actually served on two. This was the first. She was also the first ship I ever served on as Chief Engineer. You know, I served aboard eleven ships. Freighters, cruisers, starships, but this is the only one I think of. The only one I miss. 
PICARD: The first vessel I ever served aboard as Captain was called the Stargazer. It was an overworked, underpowered vessel, always on the verge of flying apart at the seams. In every measurable sense, my Enterprise is far superior. But there are times when I would give almost anything to command the Stargazer again. 
SCOTT: It’s like the first time you fall in love. You don’t ever love a woman quite like that again. Well, to the Enterprise and the Stargazer. Old girlfriends we’ll never meet again. 
PICARD: What do you think of the Enterprise D? 
SCOTT: She’s a beauty, with a good crew. 
SCOTT: But. When I was here, I could tell you the speed that we were traveling by the feel of the deckplates. But on your ship, I feel like I’m just in the way. 
PICARD: Seventy five years is a long time. If you would care to study some technical schematics or 
SCOTT: I’m not eighteen. I can’t start out like a raw cadet. No, there comes a time when a man finds that he can’t fall in love again. He knows that it’s time to stop. I don’t belong on your ship. I belong on this one. This was my home. This is where I had a purpose. But it’s not real. It’s just a computer generated fantasy. And I’m just an old man who’s trying to hide in it. Computer, shut this bloody thing off. It’s time I acted my age.

2023 Hallmark Star Trek Ornament Lineup! *UPDATED*

2023 brings us a whopping FIVE Star Trek products from Hallmark! Lower Decks becomes the 10th series in the Star Trek franchise with an ornament with a 2-pack of Badgeys. We also get a fantastic likeness of Picard and Scotty from the iconic Next Generation episode “Relics”. A new U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 table decoration that is reminiscent of the Enterprise Storyteller Tree Topper. We learned the previously announced Data and Spot ornament is officially called Data’s Ode to Spot. And finally, we have The Hand of Apollo ornament, a fantastic looking ornament that a bulb from a light strand can be inserted into to make a glowing effect. UPDATE: It is confirmed this is not just the hand but the Enterprise and the hand.

Hallmark’s Star Trek line has concentrated on the Storytellers series for the last three years and in 2023 we seem to have had an explosion of exciting ideas and designs!

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114. Data’s Ode to Spot
Star Trek: The Next Generation
July 2023
Hear dialogue from the show!

115. The Hand of Apollo
Star Trek: The Original Series
July 2023
Attaches to a light string.

116. “Relics”
Star Trek: The Next Generation
October 2023
Hear dialogue from the episode!

117. Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 Tabletop
Star Trek: The Original Series
October 2023
Lights up and plays sound effects, including dialogue from Star Trek: The Original Series.

118. Badgey (Set of 2)
Star Trek: Lower Decks
October 2023

2023 Hallmark Star Trek Miniature Ornaments!