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Big Week for Hallmark Star Trek Ornaments

This is is the biggest week of the year for Hallmark Star Trek Ornament fans. It all begins Thursday at New York Comic Con (October 6-9, 2022) where we are expecting to see sneak peeks of some 2023 Hallmark Star Trek Hallmark ornaments.

Hallmark Ornament Debut (October 8-16, 2022) begins Saturday and with it the arrival of two new 2022 Star Trek ornaments. The 2022 McCoy ornament is the last of the three-year, eight-ornament Star Trek Storyteller series. The 2022 U.S.S. Enterprise ornament will be the first to represent the latest Star Trek series, Strange New Worlds.

A big week, indeed! You’re kind to point it out. I’ll admit that I’m eager for Friday, which is the first day that Storytellers buyers who also are KOC members will get the chance to hear the full set in action. My work toward this set began in July 2018 with our first brainstorm. Like any of our Keepsake Ornament initiatives, the likelihood of our doing more of them depends on buyer support. We’ve had great support for this set so far. I’ll throw in one plug: for those of you who haven’t bought in yet, I hope you’ll consider it once you get to hear the full show. If any of you have any questions about the set, I’ll be free to discuss all of it starting Friday.

As far as sneak peeks for 2023, I’m as anticipatory for these as you are but I’ve had no confirmation that our Star Trek line will be previewed at the show. As soon as I know one way or the other, I’ll pass it along. I’m out of the loop this time around as I will not be attending NYCC this week. No reason for that beyond it just not being my turn this year. Those of you going will have plenty of other PopMinded by Hallmark staff members very happy to answer your questions.

Kevin Dilmore

2022 Convention Dates

Assemble your crew and lay in a course for Star Trek: Mission Chicago—the ultimate Star Trek fan experience for all ages! Whether you’re a Ten-Forward regular or fresh out of the Academy, Star Trek: Mission Chicago has something for everyone!

Discover a new frontier of immersive experiences and unique encounters with fellow fans unlike anything you’ve seen before. Explore the past, present and future of Star Trek while embracing the ideals of a diverse and inclusive future that remains at the center of Gene Roddenberry’s beloved universe. Join us as we go beyond expectation with a fan experience loaded with celebrity guests, exclusive merchandise and exciting announcements that can only be offered at Star Trek: Mission Chicago, the official fan convention brought to you by ViacomCBS and ReedPop.

Star Trek: Mission Chicago April 8 – 10, 2022

San Diego Comic-Con International has presented literally thousands of special guests at its conventions over the years, bringing comics creators, science fiction and fantasy authors, film and television directors, producers, and writers, and creators from all aspects of the popular arts together with their fans for a fun and often times candid discussion of various art forms. The event has seen an amazing array of comics and book publishers in its Exhibit Hall over the years. Over its fourand-a-half decade-plus history, Comic-Con International has continually presented comic books and comic art to a growing audience. That love of the comics medium continues to be its guiding factor as the event moves toward its second half-century as the premier comic book and popular arts style convention in the world.

San Diego Comic-Con International July 21-24, 2022

New York Comic Con is your event. Where you can feel unafraid to geek out. Where you’re accepted and embraced for being yourself. Where you can experience the best in pop culture because no matter what fandom you’re passionate about, we have it waiting here for you. Be inspired by award-winning comic artists and Japanese anime creators. Get star struck over your favorite TV and film idols. Treat yourself to exclusive fandom gear and unique artwork. But most importantly, create all of those memories with the people you care about the most. Because this event is for you. To embrace your inner hero or root for the villain. To geek out as a family. To celebrate a weekend together you’ll never forget.

New York Comic-Con October 6-9, 2022

By the Numbers: HMS Bounty Ornament Sells Out for NYCC Online Event

Yesterday’s NYCC online-only event went live at 11:59 am E.S.T. and while it only took the event exclusive Star Wars Boba Fett ten minutes to sell out and the Ghostbusters Ectomobile 45 minutes, it took the HMS Bounty Star Trek ornament more than 30 hours. The Star Trek event exclusive ornament had previously been available for the SDCC online event (July 23, 2021) and the KOC online event (August 17, 2021).

All 3,750 Klingon Bird-of-Prey ornaments have now been released to the public through the three events. If you are still in need of an ornament you will now need to look at the secondary market where eBay prices have seemed to bottom out at around $60 as of late.

HMS Bounty Event Exclusive Available Tomorrow for NYCC

  • Available October 7, NOON E.S.T. *ONLINE ONLY*
  • Log into your Hallmark account before noon so you can expedite check out. Limited quantities (less than 1,900) will sell out quickly. July’s SDCC event sold out in five minutes.
  • If you do not have a Hallmark account you will need to register beforehand. 
  • If you already have a Hallmark account be sure to confirm your password is still active ahead of the event.
  • REFRESH! In July, the website didn’t go live until 12:02. There were reports that ornaments went from ‘COMING SOON’ to ‘OUT OF STOCK’ and back to ‘IN STOCK’ just from refreshing the page.
  • Don’t get greedy. Hallmark says you’re not allowed to purchase more than one of each ornament. You may consider getting only one ornament in total. Most customers who had issues during the SDCC event seemed to be buying more than one ornament (i.e. an HMS Bounty AND a Boba Fett).
  • Just because you have an ornament in your shopping cart does not mean it has been allocated to you. You must have your credit card ready. Better yet, have it already on file through the website.
  • Create a account and save your credit card info under profile – payment methods.
  • If you have purchased from before it is likely your credit card is still on file. Verify ahead of time that it is still a good credit card number.

For details on how to purchase exclusives, visit and expect the PopMinded convention shop to return in-person, to a full line-up of events in 2022.

HMS Bounty at KOC Fan Convention Ornament Sale Tomorrow

The HMS Bounty will be available for the KOC Fan Convention Ornament Sale taking place August 17, 2021 at 9:00 CT. It will be an online event only and KOC (Keepsake Ornament Club) is required.

KOC membership is sold out for 2021. Check back November 2, 2021 to join the 2022 Keepsake Ornament Club! The KOC is where fans, collectors & holiday enthusiasts come together to share their passion for ornaments. Behind-the-scenes features, exclusive ornaments and special savings are just a few of the perks members enjoy.

KOC Membership Perks

Free membership gift, $75 value: The Dream Box is stuffed full of members-only goodies and the KOC-exclusive Dream Book.
Exclusive savings and pricing: Keep an eye out for special pricing just for you on select Keepsakes gifts. You’ll also receive club mailings throughout the year, each including a $5 off $10 coupon (U.S. only).
Exclusive reward points: As a KOC member you’ll get access to the best Crown Rewards Bonus Points, with opportunities to earn more top-tier rewards than anyone else.
Members-only Ornaments: Our artists created four designs just for 2021 club members.
Behind-the-scenes access: Watch your monthly email newsletters for insider info and a chance to be entered to win a free ornament. Plus look for savings and surprises in your quarterly For Keeps mailings, too.
Exclusive early access to shop: Look for your invitation to shop our ornament release events early at participating stores, where you’ll get first dibs on all ornaments, offers and more!

If you are not already a KOC member the HMS Bounty will be available again October 7, 2021 at Noon E.S.T. for NYCC.

Check this page on August 17 to purchase!

HMS Bounty Sells Out in Five Minutes! Next Chance…KOC Event in August

The Star Trek™ HMS Bounty Klingon™ Bird-of-Prey Metal Ornament event exclusive sold out in five minutes for the ComicCon@Home event, just two minutes behind the quick-selling Star Wars™ Animated Boba Fett™ Ornament exclusive. It didn’t come without us issues though.

The ornaments didn’t go live until 12:02. There were reports that ornaments went from ‘COMING SOON’ to ‘OUT OF STOCK’ to ‘IN STOCK’ after refreshing the page. Most customers who had issues at checkout seemed to be buying more than one ornament (i.e. HMS Bounty AND Boba Fett). Once a shopping cart was reduced to one item the checkout issue was resolved. Others were able to get an item in their shopping cart but it still wasn’t allocated to them and the ornament would be out of stock before they could get a credit card number entered.

The HMS Bounty will next be available at the KOC Fan Convention Ornament Sale taking place August 17, 2021 at 10:00 E.S.T. It will be an online event only and KOC (Keepsake Ornament Club) is required. Unfortunately, KOC membership is sold out for 2021.

If you are not already a member it will be available again October 7, 2021 at Noon E.S.T. for NYCC.

Instagram from PopMinded by Hallmark.

By the Numbers: How Exclusive is the HMS Bounty Exclusive?

Fans have a love/hate relationship with Hallmark’s event exclusive ornaments (formerly convention exclusives). Fans love getting a new Trek ornament but for the completists it likely means paying higher prices from resellers who were able to attend the conventions in person. Luckily, there are a couple of things working in favor of the collector this year.

This year’s HMS Bounty will have highest production count (3,750) of any Star Trek exclusive yet.

Along with the higher production number, it has never been easier to acquire a new Trek exclusive than it will be this year. Like 2020, Hallmark will not be present at conventions this year so event exclusives will only be available online:


This year, we will offer event exclusives ONLINE ONLY in conjunction with the following events, typically attended in person: Comic-Con@Home, scheduled July 23-25, 2021, and New York Comic Con, scheduled October 7-10, 2021. Product allotments will be divided evenly between the two convention timeframes. Exclusives will be sold on a first-come basis starting at Noon Eastern Time (9 a.m. Pacific Time, 11 a.m. Central Time) on the first day of each convention. Sales permit one of each exclusive product to be sold per person, per transaction while supplies last. We will miss seeing fans in person this year, but look forward to seeing everyone again in 2022.

Additionally, small quantities of each of the three Keepsake Ornaments will be allotted for sale to Keepsake Ornament Club Members. For more information on membership, go to

There is no need to travel to San Diego or New York, simply ‘save the date’ of the convention opening days or join the Keepsake Ornament Club.

Expect to see the Klingon Bird-of-Prey to sell this year for $80-$120 on eBay and only rise in price over time. Hallmark is expected to attend conventions in person next year as life continues its return to normalcy. In this case, normalcy will also mean a return to eBay prices for many of us.

How Much Will the HMS Bounty Cost? *UPDATED*

It is still announcement day for the 2021 Hallmark Star Trek Event exclusive ornament and we have a contradiction in pricing. Corporate and PopMinded have pricing at $35 while the main order page has the Keepsake listed at $40 (See below for screen shots).

6/29/21 UPDATE:

Pricing on Hallmark’s website has been adjusted down to $35: