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2022 Doctor Leonard McCoy

STAR TREK Mirror, Mirror Collection


Magic Storytellers (interactive light & sound)

Press the button to watch it perform an exciting scene from the classic original series episode “Mirror, Mirror.” 

Add other STAR TREK Mirror, Mirror Collection ornaments to unlock larger, amazingly interactive performances! 

Requires Hallmark’s Keepsake Power Cord (sold separately). 

  • Artist: Jake Angell
  • Released: 2022
Complete Storytellers line up.

95) 2019 Tabletop Transporter


Star Trek™ The Transporter Tabletop Decoration With Light and Sound

Regular price: $99.99
Available October 5, 2019

Product Details
Of all futuristic technological advances introduced in Star Trek, none has captured the imaginations of generations of viewers as has the Transporter. New for this holiday, our Transporter tabletop decoration features Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock and Dr. McCoy ready for another off-ship adventure. Press the button to hear dialogue and sound effects from the original Star Trek television series set to a synchronized light show. Connect to the included power adapter to see the continuous light effect.
Magic Light and Sound Christmas table decoration. Connect this table decoration to the power adapter (included) to see the continuous light effect. Press the button to hear dialogue from the original “Star Trek” television series and see a synchronized light show. Plugs into a standard 120-volt wall outlet, no batteries needed.
Artist crafted by Rodney Gentry, this Christmas table decoration comes pre-packaged in a box for easy gift giving, preservation and storage. Dated 2019 in copyright.
With unparalleled artistry and exceptional detail, each festive and collectible Keepsake Ornament is made for years of celebrations. From preserving precious memories to commemorating special milestones and interests, there’s a Hallmark ornament for everyone on your gift list.
Hallmark has been your family-owned creator of greeting cards, gifts, gift wrap and more for over 100 years. We take deep pride in helping individuals connect in just the right way.
Plastic Christmas table decoration is lead-free and measures 7.3″ W x 7.6″ H x 7.7″ D.

TM & © 2019 CBS Studios Inc. STAR TREK and related marks and logos are trademarks of CBS Studios Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Star Trek™ The Transporter Tabletop Decoration With Light and Sound.

79) 2016 STAR TREK™ 50th Anniversary To Boldly Go Tabletop Decoration With Light and Sound


50 years ago this year, Captain Kirk and his crew first appeared on small screens across America. The interstellar adventures of the Starship Enterprise quickly captivated audiences, turning the show into an iconic piece of television history. Press the button on the ornament to illuminate the scene and hear dialogue from the original Star Trek TV series!

Unfortunately, this piece was scarce when it was released at the October 1st Ornament Debut. I was the first one in the door and there were none to be had except for those that had reserved the precious few ahead of time.


I probably should’ve sprung for the Death Star Tree Topper as an investment purchase but that is a lot to ask of a Trek fan.



Tabletop decoration.
Hallmark Gold Crown Exclusive.
Magic Light and Sound.
Press button to see scene illuminate and hear dialogue from original STAR TREK TV series.
On decoration: STAR 50 TREK™
Dated 2016.
Artist: Orville Wilson
Battery operated. Batteries Included.
Pre-packaged for easy gift giving, preservation and storage.
7.4″ W x 5.7″ H x 4.6″ D


Available October 1, 2016



62) 2012 3rd in the Star Trek Legends Series: Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy

 image#3 in the Star Trek Legends Hallmark Ornament Series.

He called himself a simple country doctor, but time and again he proved himself to be one of the most valued medical minds in all of Starfleet. Straight from the U.S.S. Enterprise with hypospray in hand, Dr. McCoy comes ready for your tree as the third Keepsake Ornament in the Star Trek™ Legends series.

Size: 1.25″ x 4.25″ x 1.25″

Artist: Anita Marra Rogers



59) 2011 “Mirror, Mirror”



Original Retail:  $29.95

Artist:  Valerie Shanks

Novelty:  Sound.

Mirror Spock:  “Our minds are merging doctor. Our minds are one. I feel what you feel. I know what you know.”

Box Text:  In “Mirror, Mirror” (1967), a transporter mix-up switches Captain kirk, Dr. McCoy, Scotty, and Lt. Uhura with their “evil twins” from a “Mirror Universe.” The crew members masquerade as their ruthless couterparts on the barbaric I.S.S. Enterprise until they make it back home with the assistance of a surprising ally, “Mirror Spock.” After discovering the switch through a mind-meld with McCoy, Spock helps put the alternate universes and their inhabitants back into logical order.

Press the button on the ornament to hear dialogue from this exciting scene!

Serial #:  QXI2057



14) 1997 Dr. Leonard H. McCoy


“I’m a doctor – not a bricklayer”

These are the famous words of Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy, the Chief Medical Officer of the U.S.S. Enterprise. Although the colorful doctor has the best sick bay in all of Starfleet at his disposal, he seems most comfortable being a simple doctor and genuinely seems to help healing the sick – although his comments about the 1990s being “the dark ages” in Star Trek iV were quite humerous when he spoke to a patient about kidney dialysis. However, this 1997 Hallmark ornament depicts a rather ironic view of Dr. McCoy (played by actor DeForrest Kelly), as it has him inside of a transporter – a device that the doctor hates to use. Dr. McCoy appeared in the original TV series and the six feature films, and also made an appearance as an admiral on Star Trek: The Next Generation. His parting words to Commander Data (about the Enterprise) were: “Treat her like a lady, and she’ll always bring you home”. Dr. McCoy was also quite a cook, according to his friend James (Jim) Kirk – who asked for his “secret ingredient” – which happened to be Tennessee Whisky – while they were camping after the good captain fell off of a huge mountain in Star Trek V.

Artist: Anita Marra Rogers

Size: 5 1/2″ H



on front of packaging: Hallmark / KEEPSAKE / ORNAMENT / STAR TREK (TM) / Dr. Leonard H. McCoy / STAR TREK (TM) on back of packaging: DR. LEONARD H. “Bones” McCOY(TM) / Born: Georgia, U.S.A., Planet Earth / Graduate: Medical Degree / Rank: Chief Medical Officer of the / U.S.S. Enterprise, a 23rd-century / Federation starship. / Famous Words: “…Jim, I’m a doctor– / not a bricklayer, or a nursemaid, or a…” / Although fond of describing himself / as “just a simple, old-fashioned country / doctor,” McCoy commands one of the / most sophisticated medical facilities / in all of Starfleet. The good doctor / (DeForest Kelly) appeared in the / original STAR TREK (TM) TV program / and in feature films. / Sculpted by / Anita Marra Rogers / For decorative use only. / Not for young children / Handcrafted – Stardated 1997 on top of packaging: Hallmark