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Kate Mulgrew on The Daily Show with Janeway Ornament

The Daily Show 
on Comedy Central
Hosted by Craig Kilborn 
November 17, 1998

Craig:  [William Shatner’s] got the big ego though. He thinks he’s special.

Kate:  He has been a starship captain. What do you expect?

Craig:  Are you one day going to have that enormous ego.

Kate:  No. I keep my ego in perspective. [makes face]

Craig:  Ok.

Kate:  ‘Cause I’m just a girl, right?

Craig:  I’ll tell you what, if I were you, what would expand your ego. This is real, this is a Christmas ornament of you at the helm. [brings out 1998 Janeway Hallmark ornament] Look at this. How do you stay grounded, I mean you’re a super star. This is beyond a doll. This is a Christmas ornament.

Kate:  No, but I think the logic behind this little device is extraor…it weighs fifty-eight pounds.

Craig:  It is.

Kate:  So, what does your Christmas tree look like, is the question.

Craig:  The one down in Rockefeller Center is the only one that could hold this.

Kate:  You wouldn’t wanna run into her in a dark alley, would ya?

Craig:  You look tough there. Is there any… Can this be a stocking stuffer as well? Or is it just an ornament.

Kate:  I’m sure you could…stuff it.

[audience laughter and applause]

Read the entire interview transcript with additional photos at Totally Kate: The Official Fansite of Kate Mulgrew.

Kate Mulgrew will return in the role of Hologram Janeway in Star Trek: Prodigy.

17) 1998 Captain Kathryn Janeway


Captain Kathryn Janeway (played by actress Kate Mulgrew) is featured in the 1998 Star Trek Hallmark ornament. Captain Janeway is in command of the Federation Starship U.S.S. Voyager, and is hurled into an exciting and terrifying adventure in the Delta Quadrant, along with the rest of her crew and some Marquis that she picked up along the way. As she and the crew of voyager strive to find a way back to Earth, they encounter a wide variety of different species and obstacles, but none more treacherous than the Borg. With technology that Captain Janeway sent herself from the future, she is able to defeat the vile Borg queen, and use one of the Borg conduits to get Voyager and her crew back to Earth. We later discover that Captain Janeway is promoted to Admiral, most likely for her heroic deed by destroying the biggest enemy that the Federation had ever faced, and under the most dire of situations.
Artist: Anita Marra Rogers

Size: 5½” H x 3½” W



on front of packaging: Hallmark / KEEPSAKE / ORNAMENT / STAR TREK / VOYAGER / Captain Kathryn Janeway / STAR TREK: VOYAGER on back of packaging: CAPTAIN KATHRYN JANEWAY / Born: Indiana, Planet Earth / Graduate: Starfleet Academy / Rank: Captain of the U.S.S. Voyager, / a 24th-century Federation starship. / Famous Words: “Somewhere, along this / journey, we’ll find our way back. / Set a course for home!” / On a short mission to investigate the / disappearance of a Maquis ship in the / Badlands area of the demilitarized zone, / the Voyager encounters a massive / displacement wave and is carried off / to the Delta Quadrant, approximately / 70,000 light-years away. / Sculpted by / Anita Marra Rogers / For decorative use only. Not for young children. / Handcrafted – Stardated 1998 on top of packaging: Hallmark / KEEPSAKE ORNAMENT / 25 Years of Collecting Memories / 1973 – 1998