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08) 1995 Captain James T. Kirk


James Tiberius Kirk

Born: Iowa, U.S.A., Planet Earth

Graduate: Starfleet Academy

Rank: Captain of teh first U.S.S> Enterprise, a 23rd-century, Constitutio-class, Federation starship whose missionwas to explore new worlds.

Famous Words: “All I ask is a tall ship, and a star to steer her by.”

Captain Kirk (William Shatner) coomanded the Enterprise through three seasons (79 episodes) of STAR TREKon television, beginning in 1966, and has appeared in seven feature films thus far.

You can also find Captain kirk’s counterpart, Captain Jean-Luc Picard from STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION, in the 1995 Keepsake Ornament Collection at your Hallmark retailer.




07) 1995 Captain Jean-Luc Picard


Born: LaBerre, France, Planet Earth

Graduate: Starfleet Academy

Rank: Captain of the fifth Federation starship to carry the name U.S.S. Enterprise, a 24th-century, Galaxy-class starship assigned to Deep Space exploration.

Famous Words: “Make it so.”

Captain Picard (Patrick Stewart) was among the youngest Starfleet officers ever to command a starship.  He appeared for seven seasons in STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION on television, and made his feature film debut as Captain Picard in 1994.

Look for Captain Picard’s counterpart, Captain James T. Krik from the original STAR TREK television series, in the 1995 Keepsake Ornament Collection at your Hallmark retailer.


06) 1995 Romulan Warbird


Original Retail:  $24.00


Novelty:  String light

Box Text:  It’s the season of Peace!  And here, arriving on a friendly mission, comes the “Romulan Warbird” from the television series, STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION.  This intricately detailed starship with its glowing green lights will fill your holiday with Keepsake Magic!

Serial #:  QXI7267


05) 1995 Ships of Star Trek


This set of three miniature Hallmark ornaments feature smaller versions of previoulsy released Hallmark keepsake ornaments – The Starship Enterprise from the original tv series, U.S.S. Enterprise 1701-D, and the Klingon Bird of Prey from Star Trek: The Next Generation. These miniature ornaments can hang independently, or be hung from the 2001 Space Station Deep Space Nine Hallmark ornament. When combined with the 2001 Starfleet Legends, you can create your own miniature Star Trek fleet.

Size: Approx 1 1/2″ W each