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Hallmark’s School Days 1999 Star Trek Lunchbox Revisit

1999 Hallmark’s School Days store pamphlet

2000 Hallmark’s School Days store pamphlet

1999 Hallmark Collector’s Courier Vol.13, No. 3

On the evening of September 8, 1966, over 10 million people tuned in to NBC to see the premiere of a new television series called STAR TREK. From the moment they heard “Space, the final frontier…these are voyages of the Starship Enterprise…” millions were hooked. The series would run for only 3 seasons, but the show’s success in syndication would inspire several major motion pictures and several additional television series. Through it all, STAR TREK has become an icon of pop culture.



21) 1999 U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 (Stamp)


Original Retail:  $9.95

Artist:  Unknown

Material:  Ceramic and Metal

Box Text:  Beginnning in 1998, the United States Postal Service issued its largest-ever series of commemoritive postage stamps.  By the time the program is completed in 2000. A total of 150 designs will have been released, providing a decade-by-decade look at significant personalities and events of the 20th Century.

Authentic reproductions of six noteworthy designs are featured in the 1999 keepsake Ornament line.  Each one is showcased in its own unique frame that enhances  the artwork and the enjoyment of the familiar images.  Ideal for holiday or year-round decorating, or to display with a collection of Celebrate the Century commemorative stamps, these ornaments will be cherished well into the next century.

Serial #:  QXI8557


19) 1999 Lt. Commander Worf


Worf, the first Klingon to serve as a Starfleet officer, served as a Lieutenant on the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D under the command of Captain Jean-Luc Picard, and quickly climbed through the ranks to become a Lieutenant Commander, as the Operations Officer on Deep Space Nine, under the command of Captain Benjamin Sisko. Born on the Klingon Homeworld, the eldest son of Mogh, Worf was raised by humans because his family was killed at the Battle of Kittamer when the Romulans destroyed the Klingon outpost because they were betrayed by the Duras family. After accepting discommendation, Worf eventually regained the honor of his family by killing Duras with his Bat’leth – the same weapon his father once used, as featured in this Star Trek Hallmark Ornament. Worf, like most Klingons, values of honor and loyalty above all else, as demonstrated by his most famous quote from Star Trek: The Next Generation, where he said: “If winning is not important, then why keep score?” … spoken like a TRUE Klingon

Size: 2 1/2″ H

Artist: Anita Marra Rogers

18) 1999 Runabout U.S.S. Rio Grande


Original Retail:  $24.00

Artist:  Lynn Norton

Novelty:  String light and sound

Box Text:  A unique ornament – The runabout U.S.S. Rio Grande assigned to space station Deep Space Nine in the Alpha Quadrant, is beaming a greeting to Earth.  You’ll hear the voice of Strategic Operations Officer Worf (Michael Dorn).  Worf is the first Klingon to serve in Starfleet.  Here are his words:  “I wish you a most honorable holiday.  Qapla’!” (The expression Qapla’! is the Klingon way of wishing you “Success!”) To hear Worf speak, press button on bottom of ornament.  The message will play through one time and stop automatically.

Serial #:  QXI7593