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Battle Damaged Custom Star Trek Ornaments

A current eBay auction has a set of three classic Hallmark Star Trek ornaments that have been heavily modified to give an impressive post-battle look. The custom war-torn set includes the 1993 Enterprise D, 1994 Klingon Bird-of-Prey, and 1998 Enterprise E with a minimum bid of $99.00 and $11.57 shipping. is not affiliated with this auction.

Item Number: 285000626957

Star Trek Pinball Machine Enhanced With Hallmark Ornaments

Pinside’s classifieds has a new offering for a Star Trek: The Next Generation pinball machine with few enhancements including some Hallmark Star Trek ornaments. The pinball machine has an asking price of $7,500.


Game includes
* Tilt Topper Topper
* Color LCD DMD
* Black Nickel Chromed ramps and phaser
* LEDs
* Spotlights and LEDS strips in back and under apron
* Cannons, Romulan Ship and Borg Ship painted by Back Alley Creations
* Hallmark ornament replacement for shuttlecraft and Klingon ship
* Diecast Enterprise
* Several Micromachine spacecraft
* Plastic protectors
* Tie back mod completed
* Pinnovators subwoofer board
* Game blades
* Decals on targets

On the white insert above the Holodeck light at the right, there is a slight blemish on the mylar that can be seen with the game off.

Topper is powered separately through a 12 volt plug.  

1991 Enterprise with Custom Display Stand

eBay auction

Hallmark Star Trek Enterprise 1991 with custom display stand & power adapter. 
This is the rare 1st Star Trek Hallmark ornament. I’m including a custom display stand the allows you to display the ornament AND power the lights. 
The ornament is new and unused. the box has a slight crease/dent at the top. is not associated with this auction.

Star Trek Tree Toppers

For year’s Star Trek fans have been adorning their Christmas tree’s summit with custom made insignia toppers, repurposed Star Trek items and licensed but off-brand pieces.

When Hallmark’s Star Trek Enterprise tree topper premieres next July we will finally have an “official” tree topper that has been 30 years in the making.

The Enterprise tree topper will also be in the Storytellers series and will communicate with other ornaments to retell the classic  Mirror, Mirror episode.

The starship topper comes with a $119.95 price tag but unlike a traditional ornament there is only room for one tree topper on your Christmas tree so the 2020 release is likely to be the only topper we ever see from Hallmark.

2020 Storyteller Mirror Sulu QXI6071
2020 Storyteller Mirror Kirk QXI6061
2020 Storyteller Mirror Uhura QXI6074
2020 Storyteller Enterprise Tree Topper QXI6004


Klingon Bird of Prey Pinball Mod

“A Hallmark 1994 Klingon Bird of Prey for your Star Trek: The Next Generation Pinball Machine. This ship is “bolt on ready” and comes with wiring harness for easy installation.”


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