Star Trek: The Experience Ornament Checklist

Star Trek: The Experience was a Star Trek themed destination that ran from 1998 to 2008 at the Las Vegas Hilton. The Experience boasted a museum, a Deep Space Nine-style Promenade, a Quark’s Bar-inspired restaurant and two rides; the Klingon Encounter and Borg Invasion 4-D. A large selection of souvenirs were available including a line of ornaments comprised of ten figures and five metal insignias. These ornaments are a great way to round out your Star Trek ornament collection with subjects that have not yet been explored by Hallmark.

🔲 1A Spock (#701923)
🔲 1B Borg (#701924)
🔲 1C Neelix (#701925)

🔲 2A Quark (#701926)
🔲 2B Picard (#701927)
🔲 2C Gorn (#701928)

🔲 3A Klingon (#701929)
🔲 3B Cardassian (#701930)
🔲 3C Talosian (#701931)

🔲 4A Mugato (#705206)
🔲 4B United Federation of Planets Starfleet Command (#707104)
🔲 4C Star Trek – The Experience, Las Vegas Hilton

🔲 5A United Federation of Planets
🔲 5B Starfleet Academy
🔲 5C Klingon Insignia

Correction: 2022 McCoy Storyteller To Be Released in October

Good morning! I saw your weekend posts this morning and I’d like to correct an error that came through on the Instagram sneak peeks.

Our Lt. Scott Storyteller ornament will be available in July 2022 but our Dr. McCoy Storyteller ornament won’t hit stores until October 2022.

Sorry to be the bearer of not-so-fun news. I pledge to you that we will roll out enough Star Trek fun with new Keepsake Ornaments, Hallmark Ornaments and gift items that Bones’ fall arrival won’t feel like much of a wait at all. 🖖

-Kevin Dilmore

And now I’ll correct my correction: Scotty is a Lieutenant Commander! Sheesh—it was early when I sent that in. Haha!

-Kevin Dilmore

UPDATED: Last Two Star Trek Storytellers Available in July 2022

UPDATE: There has been a correction to this since it was posted. Hallmark announced that McCoy will be released in October and not July as the Instagram post indicated.

Hallmark is releasing both of the final Storyteller ornaments in July this year instead of splitting them up between summer and fall like years past. July will bring us McCoy and Scotty to round out the Mirror, Mirror Storytellers series. The Enterprise tree topper, Kirk, Spock, Uhura, Sulu, Chekov will all be available for the last time in Hallmark stores this year.

2022 Leonard McCoy Stiryteller.
2022 Montgomery Scott Storyteller.

Sneak Peek Week: Star Trek on 1/17/22

Hallmark has announced a Sneak Peek Week with Star Trek leading things off on Monday. The week’s previews consist of ”Keepsake ornaments, itty bittys and gift releases”. What does that mean for our beloved Star Trek franchise? It will likely be a more formal introduction of the final two Storyteller ornaments, Dr. Leonard McCoy and Lt. Commander Montgomery Scott, which we previewed in November. Stay tuned!

2022 McCoy and Scotty Storyteller Ornaments

itty bittys® Star Trek™ Lieutenant Nyota Uhura “Mirror, Mirror” Plush 

Product Details

Relive one of the most memorable episodes from the original Star Trek television series—”Mirror, Mirror”—in itty bittys style. A transporter malfunction results in alternate universe versions of the Enterprise crew, including parallel Lieutenant Nyota Uhura.

  • itty bittys Star Trek “Mirror, Mirror” Lieutenant Uhura plush is crafted from soft fabric.
  • 3″ W x 4.25″ H x 2.25″ D
  • $7.99

Hallmark 2009 SDCC Lt. Uhura Gold Uniform Variant on eBay

The increasingly rare Uhura ornament in her gold uniform is currently up for sale on eBay. The 2009 Special Event Edition ornament was limited to just 450 pieces and is currently listed at $2,095. The ornament is a repaint of the widely available 2007 Uhura dressed in red ornament.

The gold uniform, worn by Nichelle Nichols, can be seen in “Mudd’s Women” (S:1,E:6) and “The Carbonite Maneuver” (S:1, E:10). is not affiliated with this auction.

Revised pricing.