2011 Hallmark Defiant Sold

A 2011 Defiant ornament went up for auction yesterday. The seven day auction was originally launched with a $350 “Buy it now” option. In less than 9 hours it had received three bids before it was listed as sold, six days prematurely, for $51.

UPDATE: It seems the ornament was relisted on eBay by the original seller and sold for $299. Things were certainly sketchy with this whole auction where it appears the seller tried to circumvent the system to maximize his profit. Little does the seller know, this ornament has been getting $1200 – $1900.

2022 San Diego Comic Con Is Here!

PopMinded by Hallmark – Star Wars in blue. PopMinded by Hallmark in red.

San Diego Comic Con begins this week with convention goers getting their first look into the Exhibit Hall 6:00 pm-9:00 pm P.S.T. on Wednesday.

PopMinded by Hallmark will be at Booth #1505 and PopMinded by Hallmark – Star Wars at Booth #2913.

There is no Hallmark Star Trek event exclusive ornament this year but all is not lost. Be sure to stop by the PopMinded by Hallmark booth (#1505) to check out what we have to look forward to in 2022 (Enterprise, McCoy Storyteller and Transporter water globe) and likely a sneak peek at some 2023 Star Trek ornaments.

2022 Storyteller Packaging

Hallmark’s third year of Star Trek Storytellers brings us our third version of packaging design. The 2021 Storytellers had an ornament image that was roughly 20% larger than its 2020 predecessors. The 2022 Lt. Commander Scott ornament has a large front image that takes up the majority of the packaging face conforming with the rest of the 2022 Hallmark lineup.

2022 Hallmark Store Display
2022 Hallmark Store Display

Although Hallmark stores (at least mine) are stocking Storytellers in their original packaging, Hallmark’s website has photos of the 2020-21 ornaments in updated 2022 packaging. No word if this is something that will actually be available in stores or if it is simply for marketing uniformity.