Hallmark Star Trek Display #166

8.7 x 9.3 x 9.3 cm display case with a flat base. Ideal for porcelain figurines and 1:64 scale die cast cars. I house my 2008 Hallmark Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan diorama Ornament which makes a snug fit. Now it’s free of dust and actually enhances the “dramatic” moment of the USS Reliant ambush on the bridge of the Enterprise…”on screen Mr. Sulu…”

Lex Petros

Artist Inspirations: Captain Jonathan Archer (2003)

Star Trek: Enterprise premiered on September 26, 2001 with the episode “Broken Bow”. The Jonathan Archer Hallmark ornament came out in 2003, so any episode images or publicity photos that may have been the ornament’s inspiration would have had to come from the first season and a half of Enterprise.

Right: Rare 8×10 photo autographed by Scott Bakula.

I have only seen the image above twice. First, as the signed 8×10 photo (above right) and I mean this actual photo. I have not even seen this image anywhere else on the internet except as an uncropped grainy image on a Spanish website (below right). It is curious that the ornament matches so well to such a rare image.

Image from Cuaderno De Bitacora (Ship’s Logbook) website.
Right: Image from “Broken Bow” Season 1, Episode 1.

By far, a more common image that can be found on the internet (above right) was from the premiere episode, Broken Bow, Part 1 (18:30), as the Enterprise is disembarking on its maiden voyage during the Zephram Cochrane speech. I would like to think that such a monumental moment in Trek history was the inspiration for the 2003 ornament.