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New Storyteller Packaging Confirmed

In July, we posted about Hallmark’s new Storyteller packaging seen in images found on the Hallmark website. At the time we didn’t know if it was something we would see on physical packages or just limited to online images. It can now be confirmed the larger artwork is on physical packaging and is slowly making its way into stock as older inventory is depleted.

Along with the new artwork are new item numbers for the 2020 and 2021 Storytellers.

099. 2020-21 Storyteller Mirror Sulu Red Box QXI6071
099a. 2022 Storyteller Mirror Sulu White Box QXI7876

100. 2020-21 Storyteller Mirror Kirk Red Box QXI6061
100a. 2022 Storyteller Mirror Kirk White Box QXI7873

101. 2020-21 Storyteller Mirror Uhura Red Box QXI6074
101a. 2022 Storyteller Mirror Uhura White Box QXI7883

102. 2020-21 Storyteller Enterprise NCC-1701 Red Box QXI6004
102A. 2022 Storyteller Enterprise NCC-1701 White Box QXI7866

104. 2021 Storyteller Mirror Spock Red Box QXI7002
104a. 2022 Storyteller Mirror Spock White Box QXI7893

105. 2021 Storyteller Mirror Chekov Red Box QXI7005
105a. 2022 Storyteller Mirror Chekov White Box QXI7886

110. 2022 Storyteller Mirror Scotty QXI7003

111. 2022 Storyteller Mirror McCoy QXI7006

2022 Storyteller Packaging

Hallmark’s third year of Star Trek Storytellers brings us our third version of packaging design. The 2021 Storytellers had an ornament image that was roughly 20% larger than its 2020 predecessors. The 2022 Lt. Commander Scott ornament has a large front image that takes up the majority of the packaging face conforming with the rest of the 2022 Hallmark lineup.

2022 Hallmark Store Display
2022 Hallmark Store Display

Although Hallmark stores (at least mine) are stocking Storytellers in their original packaging, Hallmark’s website has photos of the 2020-21 ornaments in updated 2022 packaging. No word if this is something that will actually be available in stores or if it is simply for marketing uniformity.

Artist Inspirations: Storytellers

Evil Spock in the Transporter room “welcoming” the away team.
Spock went from arms crossed to the Terran Empire’s salute. I’m glad they didn’t make the ornament based off the far right image.
Good Uhura just after shutting down Evil Sulu’s advances.
Evil Chekov in an attempted coup after disembarking the Turbolift with Kirk.
Left: Evil Sulu in a second attempted coup.
Right: The blade of the dagger is turned fat side out so you can see it from your couch when the ornament is hanging on the tree.
In the episode, “Mirror, Mirror”, Kirk is never seen in the power stance with arms akimbo like the ornament depicts (A). He can be seen most of the time in his space-cowboy-strutting position (B) and once in the I-found-a-new-woman-in-my-room pose (C) and once in his I’m-gonna-kick-bad-Sulu’s-butt position (D). Kirk is the only Storyteller of the five released so far that isn’t based on a screen image from the episode.

105) 2021 Star Trek™ Mirror, Mirror Collection Ensign Pavel Chekov Ornament With Light and Sound

Keepsake Power Cord is required.
One cord powers up to 7 Storyteller Ornaments.
Regular price $34.99.
Available October 2, 2021 

Product Details

Although tasked with navigational duties on the bridge of the I.S.S. Enterprise, Ensign Chekov of the Terran Empire spent much of his time focused on mutinous thoughts of seizing the captain’s chair for himself. Plug the ornament into Hallmark’s Keepsake Power Cord (sold separately) for constant illumination, then press the button to start a sound and light show based on the classic original Star Trek series episode “Mirror, Mirror.” Connect all of the Star Trek Storytellers ornaments—Captain James T. Kirk, Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu, Lieutenant Nyota Uhura, First Officer Spock and Ensign Pavel Chekov—and the U.S.S. Enterprise Tree Topper (each sold separately) to unlock additional interactive performances.

  • Storytellers Interactive Light and Sound Christmas tree ornament. Connect this ornament to Hallmark’s Keepsake Power Cord (sold separately) to see the continuous light effect. Press the button to watch it perform an exciting scene from the classic original Star Trek series episode “Mirror, Mirror.” No batteries necessary.
  • This artist crafted Keepsake Ornament comes pre-packaged in a box for easy gift giving, preservation and storage. Dated 2021 in copyright.
  • Add other Star Trek Mirror, Mirror Collection Storytellers ornaments (each sold separately) to unlock larger, amazingly interactive performances.
  • Plastic Christmas tree ornament measures 2.29″ W x 5.25″ H x 2.2″ D.

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Star Trek™ Mirror, Mirror Collection Ensign Pavel Chekov Ornament With Light and Sound, , licensedLogo

2021 Ensign Chekov STAR TREK™ Mirror, Mirror Collection Storytellers Preview

From sci-fi and fantasy to super heroes and gaming, find epic memories and characters for all fankind.

STAR TREK MIRROR, MIRROR COLLECTION Each ornament lights up and performs a scene from the classic episode. Collect them all to unlock larger, amazingly interactive performances! Ornaments require Keepsake Power Cord (see page 68).

H. Lieutenant Nyota Uhura Available 7/10/21. $34.99 USD QXI6074

I. Ensign Pavel Chekov Available 10/2/21. $34.99 USD QXI7005

J. Captain James T. Kirk By Jake Angell. Available 7/10/21. $34.99 USD QXI6061

K. First Officer Spock By Jake Angell. Available 7/10/21. $34.99 USD QXI7002

L. Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu Available 7/10/21. $34.99 USD QXI6071

M. U.S.S. Enterprise Tree Topper Lights up and plays music from the “Theme from Star Trek.” By Jake Angell. Available 7/10/21. $149.99 USD QXI6004

Add to your Star Trek Storytellers collection
The magic of the Star Trek Mirror, Mirror Collection continues this year with two new ornaments, and if you haven’t started your set yet, now’s the perfect time to get them all! “I was really honored to work on the U.S.S Enterprise Tree Topper,” says Keepsake Artist Jake Angell, “and it was fun working with other passionate fans of the show from the Keepsake Studio. The original Star Trek was in reruns when I was a kid, so it’s cool to see how the lights and sound turned out on that ship I used to watch on TV.”