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Fansets Star Trek Discovery NCC-1031 WREATH Christmas/Holiday Pin 2021

Fansets has a large offering of Star Trek pins and has released a holiday ”pin” this year that more resembles an ornament. This is the first year the ”pin” has included a loop for hanging. The “pin” is pictured on their website hanging from a tree further giving the impression it is meant as an ornament.


Inspired by the Hit Show STAR TREK: DISCOVERY! 

Celebrate the 2021 Holiday season with the crew of the Discovery as we JUMP into 2022! This limited edition pin is only available for a short time and will NEVER be made again. No more will be made!  Last years sold out in 2 days! DONT MISS OUT! 

Limit 3 per customer!!!

Lets keep these in the hands of the fans, not the scalpers on ebay. 

Any order with more then 3 will be cancelled. DON’T BE ON THE NAUGHTY LIST!



Star Trek Discovery NCC-1031 WREATH Christmas/Holiday Pin 2021
2020 pin without loophole.
Star Trek Lower Decks BADGEY in SANTA Hat Christmas/Holiday Pin 2020 Licensed FanSets Pin