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UPDATED: Last Two Star Trek Storytellers Available in July 2022

UPDATE: There has been a correction to this since it was posted. Hallmark announced that McCoy will be released in October and not July as the Instagram post indicated.

Hallmark is releasing both of the final Storyteller ornaments in July this year instead of splitting them up between summer and fall like years past. July will bring us McCoy and Scotty to round out the Mirror, Mirror Storytellers series. The Enterprise tree topper, Kirk, Spock, Uhura, Sulu, Chekov will all be available for the last time in Hallmark stores this year.

2022 Leonard McCoy Stiryteller.
2022 Montgomery Scott Storyteller.

Sneak Peek Week: Star Trek on 1/17/22

Hallmark has announced a Sneak Peek Week with Star Trek leading things off on Monday. The week’s previews consist of ”Keepsake ornaments, itty bittys and gift releases”. What does that mean for our beloved Star Trek franchise? It will likely be a more formal introduction of the final two Storyteller ornaments, Dr. Leonard McCoy and Lt. Commander Montgomery Scott, which we previewed in November. Stay tuned!

2022 McCoy and Scotty Storyteller Ornaments

Hallmark Star Trek Display #292

I snapped this picture before putting the ornaments away for the year. All ten limited edition ornaments.

Top row: 2016 Maxine (Qty 100), 2020 Tribble (Qty 3350), 2017 Damaged Enterprise C (Qty 3325), 2009 Gold Uhura (Qty 450), 2011 Glow-in-the-dark Defiant (Qty 700)
Bottom row: 2021 HMS Bounty (Qty 3750), 2016 Painted pilot Enterprise (Qty 3450), 2013 Damaged Kelvin (Qty 1575), 2019 ISS Enterprise (Qty 3475), 2018 Arex & M’Ress (Qty 2800)

110) 2022 Lieutenant Commander Montgomery Scott

STAR TREK Mirror, Mirror Collection


MagicStorytellers (interactive light & sound)

Press the button to watch it perform an exciting scene from the classic original series episode “Mirror, Mirror.” 

Add other STAR TREK Mirror, Mirror Collection ornaments to unlock larger, amazingly interactive performances! 

Requires Hallmark’s Keepsake Power Cord (sold separately). 

  • Released: 2022
Complete Storytellers line up.

111) 2022 Doctor Leonard McCoy

STAR TREK Mirror, Mirror Collection


Magic Storytellers (interactive light & sound)

Press the button to watch it perform an exciting scene from the classic original series episode “Mirror, Mirror.” 

Add other STAR TREK Mirror, Mirror Collection ornaments to unlock larger, amazingly interactive performances! 

Requires Hallmark’s Keepsake Power Cord (sold separately). 

  • Artist: Jake Angell
  • Released: 2022
Complete Storytellers line up.

By the Numbers: Production Quantity vs. Resell Value: Fall/2021

The x-axis across the bottom is the quantity of ornaments released while the y-axis is the secondary market price. As you can see from the graph, ornaments with a production run of at least 2800 all have resell prices under $500.

Prices are an average of prices found on Hooked on Hallmark and  The Ornament Factory as of 10.01.21 except Maxine which was last price sold on eBay.

By the Numbers: How Does the Legends Series Stack Up on the Secondary Market? Fall/2021

The Legends series was a series of six character ornaments released annually from 2010 through 2015. In 2016, a Chekov ornament was released in limited quantities that was “inspired” by the Legends Series.

Prices are an average of  prices found on Hooked on Hallmark and  The Ornament Factory as of 10.01.21.

Maxine Star Trek Cosplay Sold on eBay

A 2016 Hallmark Star Trek Maxine Cosplay ornament sold on eBay for only the second time this year. The hard to find ornament sold on September 18, 2021 for $710.45. The last time a Maxine ornament was available was one sold on March 26, 2021 for $643.25 (I know, I bought it). The event exclusive Star Trek Maxine Cosplay ornament was released for Star Trek’s 50th anniversary and limited to 100 pieces.

Sold on September 18, 2021 for $710.45.
Sold on March 26, 2021 for $643.25.

2022 Hallmark Storyteller Design Predictions

It is no surprise we will be getting the last two Star Trek Storytellers next year but what they will look like has yet to be seen. The Storytellers have been mostly screen accurate sculpts from the episode Mirror, Mirror. So it was time to delve back into the Mirror universe to get a glimpse of what 2022 may bring and after an episode rewatch, Scotty’s ornament design was still a little murky while McCoy’s was quite clear.

Scotty doesn’t have any iconic poses or props throughout the episode. We see him standing with his arms behind his back (upper right) and the one time he uses a communicator he doesn’t even hold it (bottom).

Scotty’s most memorable scene is him attempting to tap into the warp core to artificially recreate interdimensional contact with the prime universe. The chief engineer holding his “warp-core-breaching-dojiggy” (above) is a possibility but there will need to be some liberties taken with a pose other than him squeezed into a Jeffries tube. Most of the Star Trek Storytellers have been screen accurate but, as previously noted, Kirk’s pose had been ”fudged”.

McCoy’s ornament, on the other hand, is much clearer. The doctor’s most famous scene was immortalized in 2011 with the “Mirror, Mirror” mind-meld ornament which really just leaves us the sickbay scene in Act One.

Once they’re safely in sickbay, they can talk openly, with Kirk having been saluted endlessly in the corridors en route. McCoy is appalled at sickbay, as everything is all rearranged and messed up—but the spot on the table where he spilled acid has the exact same acid stain on it.

The combination of McCoy’s dialogue and him holding a glass beaker make this scene a shoe in for an ornament. My choice would be the image of him pointing to the acid stain on the table (third from left) but I have yet to be reached to by Hallmark for my opinion.

Ladies and gentleman, I present to you the 2022 Storyteller McCoy ornament (as far as I see it)…

Resellers Overcharging for the Star Trek™ HMS Bounty Klingon™ Bird-of-Prey Metal Ornament

A word of warning not to buy/preorder the overpriced HMS Bounty that is showing up on eBay. The event exclusive ornament will be available to buy from home on July 23, 2021 at Noon E.S.T. and October 7, 2021 at Noon E.S.T. There will be a limited amount so be sure to log in early.

Updated photo 7/16/21. Went from two sellers to five sellers overnight.


This year, we will offer event exclusives ONLINE ONLY in conjunction with the following events, typically attended in person: Comic-Con@Home, scheduled July 23-25, 2021, and New York Comic Con, scheduled October 7-10, 2021. Product allotments will be divided evenly between the two convention timeframes. Exclusives will be sold on a first-come basis starting at Noon Eastern Time (9 a.m. Pacific Time, 11 a.m. Central Time) on the first day of each convention.

Additionally, small quantities…will be allotted for sale to Keepsake Ornament Club Members. For more information on membership, go to

For details on how to purchase exclusives, visit and expect the PopMinded convention shop to return in-person, to a full line-up of events in 2022.

For more information about PopMinded by Hallmark and the products offered, visit

Product Details

  • Designed by Jake Angell, this metal Keepsake Ornament comes pre-packaged in a box for easy gift giving, preservation and storage. Dated 2021 in copyright.
  • PopMinded™ event exclusive ornament and one of only 3,750 issued. Limited availability while supplies last, not available in stores.
  • Originally created for 2021 San Diego Comic-Con, New York Comic Con and select events.
  • Metal Christmas tree ornament measures 4.5″ W x 0.58″ H x 2.89″ D. Reviews Spock Storyteller Ornament

Veteran Hallmark artist Jake Angell has once again outdone himself with the design of “Mirror, Mirror” Spock.  Standing with his arms crossed, Spock is a handsome figure. The details—from his trademark beard to his medals and Terran Empire badge—are precise for such a small model. His gold sash hangs neatly over his left thigh and his dagger is at his right hip.

Christine Rideout,

Read the entire review and view ornament images at

Artist Inspirations: Storytellers

Evil Spock in the Transporter room “welcoming” the away team.
Spock went from arms crossed to the Terran Empire’s salute. I’m glad they didn’t make the ornament based off the far right image.
Good Uhura just after shutting down Evil Sulu’s advances.
Evil Chekov in an attempted coup after disembarking the Turbolift with Kirk.
Left: Evil Sulu in a second attempted coup.
Right: The blade of the dagger is turned fat side out so you can see it from your couch when the ornament is hanging on the tree.
In the episode, “Mirror, Mirror”, Kirk is never seen in the power stance with arms akimbo like the ornament depicts (A). He can be seen most of the time in his space-cowboy-strutting position (B) and once in the I-found-a-new-woman-in-my-room pose (C) and once in his I’m-gonna-kick-bad-Sulu’s-butt position (D). Kirk is the only Storyteller of the five released so far that isn’t based on a screen image from the episode.