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Cloaked Ornaments – Star Trek: Enterprise Opening Titles

Just when you thought you had all of Hallmark’s Star Trek ornaments it turns out you may have just needed to look a little deeper. Many Trek related ornaments have been hidden in plain sight the entire time. Cloaked ornaments are the not-so-obvious ornaments that could be on your Star Trek tree. Our first stop is the opening titles of Star Trek: Enterprise.

2002 Peace on Earth Harmony Bell, 1981 Sailing Santa in Hot Air Ballon, 1996 Freedom 7, 2000 Spirit of St Louis.
1995 Space Shuttle, 1997 The Flight at Kitty Hawk: Sky’s the Limit #1, 1994 The Eagle Has Landed, 1998 Apollo Lunar Module: Journeys into Space #3.

Enterprise opening credit images courtesy of Memory Alpha.