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TrekCore Reviews 2022 Enterprise and Storyteller McCoy

The (McCoy Storyteller) audio sounds nice and clear, and Hallmark did a great job of including some of the most iconic lines.

I was especially impressed with the sculpt on this ornament; it looks so much like DeForest Kelley! They even captured that skeptical eyebrow arch and slightly furrowed brow.

-Kelly Phillips, TrekCore
Mirror Storytellers show featuring seven characters and no Enterprise.

While I’ve read some views that the (Strange New Worlds Enterprise) ornament looks more like the version of the ship introduced in Star Trek: Discovery — a model which was slightly tweaked for Strange New Worlds — I can’t say I notice any of those differences. 

-Kelly Phillips, TrekCore

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“The comments regarding the SNW Enterprise are fair ones. Given how much time it takes to move an ornament from idea to the tree, I’m confident the assets we had at hand when we needed them were from Star Trek: Discovery. How far in advance are we working? We’ve got the Star Trek ornaments for 2024 awaiting approval so they can advance to sculpting.”

-Kevin Dilmore

Trek Core Reviews Scotty Storyteller has posted their review of the latest Storyteller ornament, Scotty, that was released in July.

Considering these audio clips are coming from a 1960s television show, I think the sound quality is pretty remarkable — especially when you compare it to some of the very early talking Star Trek ornaments from the 90s.

As for the physical ornament, Mirror Scotty’s uniform and accessories are nicely detailed. The character has his dagger on his right hip, his phaser on his left, the iconic Terran empire logo is present on his chest, along with the three medals pins on the left and rank braids on his sleeves — and of course, that stylishly evil gold lamé sash (which isn’t quite sparkly enough for me!)., Kelly Phillips

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La Sirena Ornament Review has posted a review of the latest Hallmark Star Trek ornament. La Sirena was the first ornament representing Star Trek: Picard and is available in stores now.

As for the “magic” features, this year’s Hallmark offering doesn’t have any lighting effects, though this version of La Sirena does have an integrated sound chip which cycles through a handful of audio clips from Star Trek: Picard’s first season — all from Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart), though it would have been nice to have at least one recording of the starship’s captain, Cris Rios (Santiago Cabrera) in the mix.

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The 1994 ornament (top) compared to this year’s release.

“In fact, if you look at the photo on the ornament’s box, you can barely make out the details in the sculpt. Honestly, it doesn’t even photograph that well — but when you take a look at the 1994 Bird of Prey ornament, THAT ship looks like it flew right off the screen and onto my tree.”

-Kelly Phillips,

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