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It’s 1992 and You’re Hosting a Hallmark Event…What Are the Five Star Trek Terms You MUST Know?

In 1992, Hallmark put on a Galileo Landing Party event at stores across the country. The Galileo was the follow up ornament to the bestselling Enterprise the year before. Hallmark decided to educate their sales associates with five key STAR TREK terms in preparation of the party. Take a look below at what they considered crucial information.

If you have access to a STAR TREK costume, wear it during your Landing Party event. It will add to the festivities!

During your Party, it might be helpful if you are familiar with STAR TREK lingo. Here are some terms to know:

Shuttlecraft Galileo – Small spaceship that transfers up to 8 passengers and 2 operators to the starship U.S.S. Enterprise.
U.S.S. Enterprise – The starship that transports the STAR TREK crew on its missions.
STAR TREK Mission – “To seek out new worlds and new civilizations…to boldly go where no man has gone before.”
Klingons – Once-enemies, now allies of the Federation.
Federation – League of planets throughout all galaxies that are allied for peace.

You Are The Key
To The Success Of This Event.
Live Long And Prosper!

1991 Hallmark Star Trek Enterprise Buy Back Program

This clipping is from The Country Journal in May of 1994. It is an article that covers Patrick Stewart and the last days of Star Trek: The Next Generation but what catches the eye is the Hallmark ad in the lower right.

Unfortunately, the image is too blurry to make out the details but it is a Rowe-Manse Emporium and Country Store advertisement offering a buy back program of the 1991 Hallmark Enterprise ornament. As the ad shows, Rowe-Manse was offering $150 for Hallmark’s first Star Trek ornament. $150 in 1994 is equivalent to $268.50 in 2021. The ‘91 Enterprise is currently available on eBay for $75 and up. Originally sold for $20, the Enterprise was a huge success and supply did not keep up with the high demand.

Roxanne Roberts of the Washington Post wrote on the ornament’s rarity in 1991, “Demand for the Starship is the greatest that Hallmark has ever had for any ornament, says spokeswoman Betsy Helgager. The company will not release production figures but the Enterprise, which premiered this summer at about 11,000 retailers, was quickly reissued this fall when Hallmark realized it had a phenomenon on its branches. Each store got about 50. Since the ornament went on display in August, stores have been inundated with requests. Most started waiting lists; after a while, they stopped taking names. On Oct. 1, when retailers were allowed to reorder the spaceship, Hallmark received more than $1 million in orders, said one representative. Most shipments were sold out the day they arrived. People are still calling, even offering extra money.“

In 1993, Kevin Stevens wrote for Strange New Worlds, “Prices for the Starship Enterprise ornament climbed to $175, eventually topping out at about $250. One dealer at a Los Angeles area Star Trek convention had priced the ornament at $400. Prices for this piece have since stabilized at about $200.

The Rowe-Manse Emporium was a New Jersey business that sold collectibles, toys, jewelry, food and candy and was known for its wooden escalator. Unfortunately, this specialty department store went out of business in the early 2000s.

1992 Star Trek Shuttlecraft Landing Revisit


Your Standard Keepsake Magic Ornament Event Will Be Out Of This World!

Collectors are already eager for the new Shuttlecraft Galileo ornament to arrive at your store! Trekkers are are equally anxious. Now is the perfect time to capitalize on the excitement generated by this historical landing of this STAR TREK Shuttlecraft Galileo in your store.

The Shuttlecraft Galileo Keepsake Magic Ornament is destined to become as sought after as its predecessor, the Starship Enterprise.

This new ornament crosses the final frontier in ornament design. It’s lighted and features the authentic voice of Mr. Spock wishing your customers a personal Christmas greeting.

Galileo also provides full margin for you.

TV Beams News Of Shuttlecraft To Earthlings

National television advertising will begin August 24, with a compelling message to viewers to purchase the Keepsake Shuttlecraft Galileo Magic Ornament.

TV commercials featuring Leonard Nimoy, will air on STAR TREK (the original series) reruns, on STAR TREK: The Next Generation (in syndication), and on NBC’s Today Show.

A color print ad will run in the Sunday Parade magazine and the USA Weekend magazine on August 30. Full-page color ads will also appear in “Official STAR TREK Fan Club Newsletter” magazine (August 21 issue) and in “StarLog” on September 1.

Be ready to welcome customers with a well-planned Shuttlecraft Landing Party event that will not only create goodwill and enthusiastic response from your customers, but will pave the way for future sales and continued customer loyalty.

Here’s What To Do

Read, display and distribute all the materials included in this promotion kit. They include:


1 Bag Stuffer Slick
1 Ad Slick
1 Direct Mail Invitation Slick
200 Full-Color Direct Mail Invitations
1 20-1/2” x 30” Poster
1 8” x 10” R-T-W Entry Sign
300 R-T-W Entry Forms (6 pads of 50 each)
1 Entry Form Slick
1 Enterprise Mobile (R-T-W Prize)
1 News Release


12 Sales Associate Guides
12 Sales Associate Button Inserts


1 Entry Form Slick
1 8” x 10” Sign


1 8” x 10” Sign


Implementing The Promotion

August 3

  • Ornament ships.

August 2 – August 8

  • Have your coloring contest entry forms printed with your store’s name, address, and entry deadline date.
  • Have your bag stuffers printed. Be sure to have your printer to add your store name and address to the lower right hand corner.
  • Have extra direct mail invitations printed with your store name, address and time of your costume contest imprinted.

August 9 – August 15

  • Contact your local newspaper advertising representative and order your newspaper ad.
  • While you are discussing  your advertising with your newspaper representative, give him or her your Shuttlecraft Landing Party news release.  Mail copies of the news release to local radio stations and to any other local newspapers that serve your trading area.
  • Mail your full-color invitations to your Collector’s list and your best customers.  Be sure to store stamp the invitations (inside and on the return address side) prior to mailing.  Fill in the time of your costume contest as well.  Use the direct mail invitations you had printed yourself when you run out of full-color invitations.
  • Distribute your Coloring Contest Forms and arrange for a local art teacher to judge the entries.

August 16 – August 22

  • Display your 20-1/2” x 30” poster in your window or in the wooden floor-stand holder at the front of the store (sku 19DH 555).
  • Display your costume contest sign. Arrange for a local drama teacher to judge the costume contest.
  • Staple your Shuttlecraft Landing Party bag stuffers to the outside of customer’s bags.
  • Assemble your U.S.S. Enterprise Mobile and hang it from the ceiling.
  • Have Sales Associates wear their Shuttlecraft Landing Party button inserts.

August 22

  • Build your Shuttlecraft Galileo display in a prominent place. Display all other STAR TREK related products nearby. Make sure your U.S.S. Enterprise Mobile hangs where it can be seen from outside your store.

August 23 – August 27

  • Position your Register-to-Win box and entry forms near your hanging mobile.
  • Encourage Sales Associates to mention the Landing Party  To customers and invite them to attend.
  • Display coloring contest entries as they come in.

August 29

  • Take photos of costume contest entrants to send to Hallmark. Judge contest and award prize. Suggested prizes include the Shuttlecraft Galileo, any item from your STAR TREK collection or a gift certificate from your store.

August 30

  • Judge your coloring contest and award prize according to the firms in this kit.

After August 30

  • Add the names and addresses from the entry forms to your customers direct mail list. After that is completed, mail the entry forms to Hallmark as instructed in your Universal Fulfillment Kit to be sure that your store is given credit for these in “The Very Best Program”.