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Star Trek: The Experience Ornament On eBay

An increasingly rare Star Trek: The Experience ornament is available to purchase on eBay. The seller appears to have multiple copies and is asking a fair price for the Las Vegas ornament.

Check out the complete line of Star Trek: The Experience’s 15 ornaments.

An Intergalactic Exclusive
2008 Star Trek Experience 3.5″ Christmas Ornament
 Never Released Prototype 

This ornament was designed and a small quantity were produced for the 2008 for the Star Trek Experience in Las Vegas.  Unfortunately the Experience closed before these were delivered or sold.  We purchased a small quantity of these in 2008 from the producer.  


After just one day, the remaining two ornaments now have an asking price of $59.95. is not associated with this sale.

2011 Defiant Available!

Another 2011 Defiant threatens to make a dent in someone’s holiday pocketbook. The latest glow-in-the-dark ship to be offered on eBay has a price of $1284.98 with shipping. This ornament appears to have some discoloration on the saucer section and as noted in the description the box has some slight creasing.

2011 Defiant
Date SoldPriceShippingTotal
December 10, 2021$1,899.99$0.00$1,899.99
February 4, 2022$1,899.95$39.95$1,939.90
February 9, 2022$1,899.95$39.95$1,939.90
February 12, 2022$1,799.95$39.95$1,839.90
February 21, 2022$1,200.00$29.95$1,229.95
September 24, 2022$1,500.00$25.00$1,525.00
December 6, 2022$2,000.00$0.00$2,000.00
Ebay selling prices of 2011 Defiants over the past year.
Don’t miss out! Ultra rare and very desirable USS Defiant glow in the dark. New York comic con exclusive limited to 700 pieces. Stored in tissue paper for many years. Box has some spider veins. Please view all photos for condition. Overall great piece at a VERY good price! Warp speed shipping!

Two things that make me go “Hmmmm . . ..”

—The listing is down—or at least I can’t find it in my searches.

—That mottling on the primary hull. The Defiant was a bit of an experiment for us. It was the first time we used phosphorescent paint on an ornament to that extent. Maybe after 10 years, they all are doing that. I’ve not pulled mine out to look at it in some time. I’m understandably curious.

In my search, I *did* find this listing: (seen in this post)

And this one is making my Spidey Sense tingle. Very high price, all feedback seems to be as a buyer rather than a seller, and all those photos but not one photo of the ornament itself? While I recognize that there are plenty of sellers on eBay for whom English is not a first language. That said, the description on this one also gives me pause.

If you go looking for the one in this post and find the one in my comment, this is me, friend to friend, saying caveat emptor.

-Kevin Dilmore


2016 Maxine Available!

A limited Star Trek Maxine ornament is available on eBay with a ‘Buy It Now’ price of $1,200. The 2016 ornament was released in a quantity of 100 for Star Trek’s 50th anniversary.

2016 Hallmark Star Trek Maxine – Rare 1 of 100. There are two dents in the cardboard on the back. These seem consistent to the manufacturing/assembly as others I have have the same defect.
234824638080 is not associated with this sale.

Update: Sold for $800.00

Autographed Uhura Gold Sells on eBay

The latest Uhura Gold ornament to show up on eBay sold today for $2,030. Only 450 of these ornaments were produced and this particular ornament included a Nichelle Nicholas autographed box from.

I know this particular ornament is going to a good home.
Congratulations, L.M. Welcome to the 450 club! is not affiliated with this sale.

Hallmark Ornament Lieutenant Uhura GOLD Trek 2009 Limited NIB SIGNED BOX Available

The 2009 Uhura Gold doesn’t come available too often but one is being offered on eBay. It has a ‘Buy It Now’ price of $1,400 and a starting auction price of $299. So far, there have been no takers but I expect this one won’t last too long. The Uhura Gold sold between $1,690 and $2,000 the three times it was available on eBay this year.

UPDATE: In the 20 minutes since this article was posted the ‘Buy It Now’ price has changed from $1,400 to $1,600.

Revised ‘Buy it Now’ asking price of $1,600.
Item number: 295371931487
Hallmark Ornament Lieutenant Uhura GOLD Trek 2009 Limited NIB SIGNED BOX.
Original listing with $1,400 ‘Buy it Now’ asking price. is not associated with this sale.