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2011 Defiant Available on eBay *SOLD*

A 2011 Hallmark Defiant has become available on eBay with an asking price of $1,775. Interestingly, the same Defiant originally had an asking price of $85.00 before being quickly taken down and relisted at the current pricing. The seller, past-treasures, obviously figured out what they had on their hands and made adjustments.

Original eBay listing:

Item description: Rare USS Enterprise 2011 ComIc Con Exclusives Star Trek Magic Hallmark Keepsake. Glows in dark. New in box

Current eBay listing:

Item description: Very Rare USS Defiant 2011 ComIc Con Exclusives Star Trek Special Edition Hallmark Keepsake. This was limited to 700 pieces and you will not find another one. Glows in dark. New in box

Updated offer:


Sold for $1,525.00.

2011 Hallmark Defiant Sold

A 2011 Defiant ornament went up for auction yesterday. The seven day auction was originally launched with a $350 “Buy it now” option. In less than 9 hours it had received three bids before it was listed as sold, six days prematurely, for $51.

UPDATE: It seems the ornament was relisted on eBay by the original seller and sold for $299. Things were certainly sketchy with this whole auction where it appears the seller tried to circumvent the system to maximize his profit. Little does the seller know, this ornament has been getting $1200 – $1900.