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Hallmark’s School Days 1999 Star Trek Lunchbox Revisit

1999 Hallmark’s School Days store pamphlet

2000 Hallmark’s School Days store pamphlet

1999 Hallmark Collector’s Courier Vol.13, No. 3

On the evening of September 8, 1966, over 10 million people tuned in to NBC to see the premiere of a new television series called STAR TREK. From the moment they heard “Space, the final frontier…these are voyages of the Starship Enterprise…” millions were hooked. The series would run for only 3 seasons, but the show’s success in syndication would inspire several major motion pictures and several additional television series. Through it all, STAR TREK has become an icon of pop culture.



1995 Star Trek Keepsake Ornaments Puzzle

This 1994 Hallmark puzzle was an early version of the ornament sneak peeks that we see today. In order to see the 1995 Star Trek ornament the puzzle had to be assembled and then with the “Magic Eye” technique you would learn the identity of the ornament.

If you try and cheat by looking at the cover you will only see a question mark in its place along with the first three Star Trek ornaments Hallmark released.



1995’s The Next Generation Romulan Warbird…