2022 Hallmark Storyteller Design Predictions

It is no surprise we will be getting the last two Star Trek Storytellers next year but what they will look like has yet to be seen. The Storytellers have been mostly screen accurate sculpts from the episode Mirror, Mirror. So it was time to delve back into the Mirror universe to get a glimpse of what 2022 may bring and after an episode rewatch, Scotty’s ornament design was still a little murky while McCoy’s was quite clear.

Scotty doesn’t have any iconic poses or props throughout the episode. We see him standing with his arms behind his back (upper right) and the one time he uses a communicator he doesn’t even hold it (bottom).

Scotty’s most memorable scene is him attempting to tap into the warp core to artificially recreate interdimensional contact with the prime universe. The chief engineer holding his “warp-core-breaching-dojiggy” (above) is a possibility but there will need to be some liberties taken with a pose other than him squeezed into a Jeffries tube. Most of the Star Trek Storytellers have been screen accurate but, as previously noted, Kirk’s pose had been ”fudged”.

McCoy’s ornament, on the other hand, is much clearer. The doctor’s most famous scene was immortalized in 2011 with the “Mirror, Mirror” mind-meld ornament which really just leaves us the sickbay scene in Act One.

Once they’re safely in sickbay, they can talk openly, with Kirk having been saluted endlessly in the corridors en route. McCoy is appalled at sickbay, as everything is all rearranged and messed up—but the spot on the table where he spilled acid has the exact same acid stain on it. 


The combination of McCoy’s dialogue and him holding a glass beaker make this scene a shoe in for an ornament. My choice would be the image of him pointing to the acid stain on the table (third from left) but I have yet to be reached to by Hallmark for my opinion.

Ladies and gentleman, I present to you the 2022 Storyteller McCoy ornament (as far as I see it)…

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