New Storyteller Packaging Confirmed

In July, we posted about Hallmark’s new Storyteller packaging seen in images found on the Hallmark website. At the time we didn’t know if it was something we would see on physical packages or just limited to online images. It can now be confirmed the larger artwork is on physical packaging and is slowly making its way into stock as older inventory is depleted.

Along with the new artwork are new item numbers for the 2020 and 2021 Storytellers.

Sulu – 2020: QXI6071, 2021: QXI6071, 2022: QXI7876
Kirk – 2020: QXI6061, 2021: QXI6061, 2022: QXI7873
Uhura – 2020: QXI6074, 2021: QXI6074, 2022: QXI7883
Enterprise – 2020: QXI6004, 2021: QXI6004, 2022: QXI7866
Spock – 2021: QXI7002, 2022: QXI7893
Chekov – 2021: QXI7005, 2022: QXI7886
Scotty – 2022: QXI7003
McCoy – 2022: QXI7006

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