Star Trek Pinball Machine Enhanced With Hallmark Ornaments

Pinside’s classifieds has a new offering for a Star Trek: The Next Generation pinball machine with few enhancements including some Hallmark Star Trek ornaments. The pinball machine has an asking price of $7,500.


Game includes
* Tilt Topper Topper
* Color LCD DMD
* Black Nickel Chromed ramps and phaser
* LEDs
* Spotlights and LEDS strips in back and under apron
* Cannons, Romulan Ship and Borg Ship painted by Back Alley Creations
* Hallmark ornament replacement for shuttlecraft and Klingon ship
* Diecast Enterprise
* Several Micromachine spacecraft
* Plastic protectors
* Tie back mod completed
* Pinnovators subwoofer board
* Game blades
* Decals on targets

On the white insert above the Holodeck light at the right, there is a slight blemish on the mylar that can be seen with the game off.

Topper is powered separately through a 12 volt plug.  

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