Where is the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-B?

Hallmark has released all but one of the major Enterprise ornaments but how long until we get the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-B?

The NX-01 was released in 2002.  A version of the famous original Enterprise (NCC-1701) was released in 1991, 1995 (mini), 1996, 2006 and two versions in 2016. 2005 gave us the NCC-1701-A.  2015 saw the release of the NCC-1701-C from Yesterday’s Enterprise.  The Next Generation’s NCC-1701-D was first released in 1993 and followed twife in 1995 (mini) and 2012.  The NCC-1701-E from First Contact was released in 1998 and again in 2001 (mini).  The Star Trek series was “rebooted” when the film series offered up an alternate timeline and an alternate Enterprise. An ornament soon followed in 2010 to show off this new Enterprise.

Hallmark even gave us the unlikely release of a future’s version of the Enterprise from the last episode of the Next Generation series.  The 2007 release has the familiar NCC-1701-D from the series but now sports a third nacelle.

Hopefully on July 20, 2016 we hear news of the NCC-1701-B’s 2017 release.




11 thoughts on “Where is the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-B?

  1. Dan Adams

    For years now die hard Hallmark Star Trek collectors have been asking for the 1701 “B” version of the Enterprise (especially in battery operated format) to complete the series, why would you produce (AGAIN !) a 1701 “A” version without completing the full series first? As a collector this is very frustrating and disappointing! Please reconsider producing the 1701 “B” version, then move on to other variations.


    1. Daniel S. Adams

      Mark, I totally agree with you, arguably one of the most pivotal ships in the line to bear the name Enterprise. The Excelsior class ships were the work horses and guardians of the federation for many decades. While newer more specialized classes were developed, their numbers we fewer while the tried and tested Excelsiors carried on. It’s high time the Enterprise “B” and the rest of the Excelsiors get the honor and credit they are due! Hallmark we not only demand you add this forgotten Enterprise to your collection, but we also demand it be the best you have ever created!


  2. Gregory Korin

    I remember seeing an Enterprise B ornament that was released by Carlton cards…..I may be wrong, but I’m pretty sure I saw it and was bummed that I was broke at the time and couldn’t buy it. This was the year that GENERATIONS was released.


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