2011 Glow In The Dark Defiant Sells on eBay *SOLD*

Limited to a run of 700, the 2011 Defiant isn’t as rare as the 2009 Uhura Gold (450 units) but may be more in demand. The glow in the dark ornament doesn’t show up on second hand resell sites as often as the Uhura Gold, although one did sell in December for $1,899.99. One factor leading to the Defiant’s scarcity, there is a subset of Star Trek ornament collectors that only collect Hallmark’s ships and do not collect the Star Trek figures. And it doesn’t hurt that the Defiant has cool, glow in the dark action!

Sold December 10, 2021 for $1899.99.

2 thoughts on “2011 Glow In The Dark Defiant Sells on eBay *SOLD*

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