2009 Uhura Gold Sells on eBay *SOLD*

A 2009 Uhura Gold Special Event Edition ornament sold for $1815.00 (with $39.95 shipping) on January 17, 2022. The seller was originally asking $2095.00 when the eBay offering first launched. The rare Uhura Gold ornament had a limited quantity of 450 when it was originally released.

Sold January 17, 2022 for $1854.95 (with shipping).

This latest Uhura Gold ornament was the third sold on eBay in the past three months.

Sold December 6, 2021 for $1284.99.
Sold November 30, 2021 for an unspecified amount.

2 thoughts on “2009 Uhura Gold Sells on eBay *SOLD*

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