2020 Hallmark Pricing, Part 5 – The Final Chapter

This will be the last post about Hallmark pricing for 2020.  In my response to their last email to me I asked why the equivalent Harry Potter Storytellers are cheaper than their Star Trek counterparts and below you will find their response.

Hopefully, the higher prices don’t drive away fans.

Keep Collecting the Future!

1 thought on “2020 Hallmark Pricing, Part 5 – The Final Chapter

  1. Rob

    Thank you for following up with this. Unfortunately it seems Hallmark is unwilling to take responsibility for the pricing discrepancy. I’m curious as to whether the initial lower pricing was the mistake, or if the higher pricing in the Dream Book was the error. I’d hate to think that Hallmark misprinted the Dream Books and then raised the ornament pricing rather than reprint them. Hopefully they’ll see the error of their ways and not repeat the same mistake in 2021!



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