2017 Hallmark Star Trek Ornaments Preview Today


The San Diego Comic-Con has its preview night tonight, July 20, 2016 before it opens for business tomorrow.  Preview Night runs from 6:00 -9:00 pm local time. In what has become an annual tradition each July, expect to see images of the 2017 Hallmark Star Trek ornaments leak out today and tomorrow.

The Star Trek Legends Series appears complete with this year’s Chekov release so we may see a Next Generation Legends Series begin.  A ship from this month’s Star Trek Beyond seems likely but I am holding out hope for an Enterprise B.  As far as what scene we will get in 2017? Popular untapped episodes include The Doomsday Machine, Space Seed, The Enterprise Incident, Journey to Babel and Balance of Terror.  After the year we have had I am hoping for an ornament based off Let That Be Your Last Battlefield.


Looking even further into the future, 2018 will likely bring a new ornament based on January’s new Star Trek series.

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