Hallmark Legacy Cord & Magic Cord (2016)


The Legacy Cord is compatible with all 15 Star Trek Magic pigtail ornaments and more than 200 other Keepsake ornaments.  All “Magic” Hallmark Star Trek ship ornaments from 2005-2016 have been battery-operated and stay powered-on for less than thirty seconds after the “on” button is pushed.  The Magic Cord is not compatible with any Hallmark Star Trek ornaments.

Legacy Cord 2009 & Before (Powers up to four ornaments) $14.95

Free your vintage magic Keepsake Ornaments from their light strings! This convenient cord will power up to four Magic Keepsake Ornaments produced in 2009 and earlier. Learn more about Keepsake Ornaments.

Keepsakes electrical power supply cord.
Powers up to four vintage Keepsakes magic ornaments (2009 and before).
The Legacy Cord is only compatible with vintage Keepsake magic ornaments (2009 and before) that were light-string powered originally.

image image


15 Hallmark Star Trek Ornaments compatible with the Legacy Cord:

1991 Enterprise

1992 Galileo

1993 Enterprise D

1994 Klingon Bird of Prey

1995 Romulan Warbird

1996 Voyager

1997 Defiant

1998 Enterprise E

1999 Rio Grande

2000 Borg Cube

2002 Delta Flyer

2003 Scorpion

2004 Vulcan Command

2004 “The City on the Edge of Forever”

2005 Locutus of Borg

Magic Cord 2010 & Later (Powers up to 7 ornaments or 6 ornaments and a tree topper) $5.95

Oohs and aahs abound when a Magic Cord is around. It’s perfect for Christmas trees and mantels to power Magic Cord ornaments from 2010 or later.

Hallmark Gold Crown Exclusive.
Powers up to 7 Magic Cord ornaments, or 6 ornaments and a tree topper.
Powers only Magic Cord ornaments from 2010 and later.
Connect up to 3 Magic Cords.
Ornaments not included.
Instructions included.

imageimage image

Magic Cord is not compatible with any Hallmark Star Trek Ornaments.


7 thoughts on “Hallmark Legacy Cord & Magic Cord (2016)

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  2. Kate

    So to power all 15 ornaments you could use 4 Legacy Cords.
    Or…? Is a string light and Hallmark Light String Adapters the only other option? How many of those do you need for all 15?


      1. skidoopostcards Post author

        When those ornaments came out they were compatible with the light strands at the time. In the last decade the light strands have on the market have been revamped and are no longer compatible.


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