By the Numbers: HMS Bounty eBay Sales in July

Red: Highest daily selling price.
Yellow: Average daily selling price.
Green: Lowest daily selling price.
(Note: Absence of red and yellow indicates just one ornament sold and is only represented in green/lowest selling price.)

Blue line: July 23, 2021-First day HMS Bounty was sold online.
Purple line: July 28, 2021-Ornaments begin arriving to consumers.


  • High-end prices from July 29-31 are a result of ended auctions that began the week prior.
  • Ornaments dropped $65 overnight once they were available from the SDCC event on July 23.
  • 13 ornaments were sold prior to July 23 for an average of $166.41.
  • 110 ornaments were sold from July 23 – July 31 for an average of $81.45. Less than half of prerelease pricing.
  • 23 ornaments were sold for unknown amounts because the seller accepted a best offer price. eBay does release accepted prices of best offers.
  • Number of daily ebay listings (sold and unsold) during the month: July 1 (0), July 7 (1), July 13 (2), July 16 (6), July 23 (109), July 30 (242).

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