HMS Bounty Event Exclusive Available Tomorrow for NYCC

  • Available October 7, NOON E.S.T. *ONLINE ONLY*
  • Log into your Hallmark account before noon so you can expedite check out. Limited quantities (less than 1,900) will sell out quickly. July’s SDCC event sold out in five minutes.
  • If you do not have a Hallmark account you will need to register beforehand. 
  • If you already have a Hallmark account be sure to confirm your password is still active ahead of the event.
  • REFRESH! In July, the website didn’t go live until 12:02. There were reports that ornaments went from ‘COMING SOON’ to ‘OUT OF STOCK’ and back to ‘IN STOCK’ just from refreshing the page.
  • Don’t get greedy. Hallmark says you’re not allowed to purchase more than one of each ornament. You may consider getting only one ornament in total. Most customers who had issues during the SDCC event seemed to be buying more than one ornament (i.e. an HMS Bounty AND a Boba Fett).
  • Just because you have an ornament in your shopping cart does not mean it has been allocated to you. You must have your credit card ready. Better yet, have it already on file through the website.
  • Create a account and save your credit card info under profile – payment methods.
  • If you have purchased from before it is likely your credit card is still on file. Verify ahead of time that it is still a good credit card number.

For details on how to purchase exclusives, visit and expect the PopMinded convention shop to return in-person, to a full line-up of events in 2022.

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