HMS Bounty Sells Out in Five Minutes! Next Chance…KOC Event in August

The Star Trek™ HMS Bounty Klingon™ Bird-of-Prey Metal Ornament event exclusive sold out in five minutes for the ComicCon@Home event, just two minutes behind the quick-selling Star Wars™ Animated Boba Fett™ Ornament exclusive. It didn’t come without us issues though.

The ornaments didn’t go live until 12:02. There were reports that ornaments went from ‘COMING SOON’ to ‘OUT OF STOCK’ to ‘IN STOCK’ after refreshing the page. Most customers who had issues at checkout seemed to be buying more than one ornament (i.e. HMS Bounty AND Boba Fett). Once a shopping cart was reduced to one item the checkout issue was resolved. Others were able to get an item in their shopping cart but it still wasn’t allocated to them and the ornament would be out of stock before they could get a credit card number entered.

The HMS Bounty will next be available at the KOC Fan Convention Ornament Sale taking place August 17, 2021 at 10:00 E.S.T. It will be an online event only and KOC (Keepsake Ornament Club) is required. Unfortunately, KOC membership is sold out for 2021.

If you are not already a member it will be available again October 7, 2021 at Noon E.S.T. for NYCC.

Instagram from PopMinded by Hallmark.

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