Tree Topper Tips and Troubleshooting (U.S.S. Enterprise)

A tree topper that boldly goes where no tree topper has gone before!  Congratulations on your purchase of Hallmark Keepsake’s Star Trek Tree Topper.

  • Your box includes your tree topper, power adapter, support rod, three hook and loop fasteners, remote, and remote batteries.  
  • Your Star Trek Tree Topper plugs into a power adapter for constant illumination. You may also press the button on either on the Starfleet insignia remote control or on the top of the tree topper to start a sound and light show, featuring the music of “Theme from Star Trek.”
  • Connect one or more Star Trek Storytellers ornaments:  Captain James T. Kirk, Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu, and Lieutenant Nyota Uhura (each sold separately).

Insider Tip Video

Assembling the tree topper
1.  Position the support rod with the pin facing up, parallel to your tree’s central branch
2.  Evenly space the three hook and loop fasteners around the central branch to fasten the rod to the tree
3.  Connect the power cord to the underside of the base
4.  Gently and securely place the base atop your tree and plug the cord into your wall outlet

  • The tree topper’s default light performance will begin when the power is connected.

Insert the two batteries (included) into the battery compartment of the remote control. 

Troubleshooting Steps To Pair With Storyteller Ornaments
1.  Ensure the batteries of the remote are installed correctly (flat side up)
2.  Plug the power adapter from the box into the base of the Enterprise
3.  Plug the power adapter into a working wall outlet
4.  Plug the end of the Keepsake power cord into each of the Storyteller ornaments, ensuring a tight fit
5.  Plug the Keepsake power cord into a working wall outlet  
6.  Activate the show with the remote or pressing one of the buttons on a Storyteller ornament or on the top of the ship  
7.  Ensure all pieces are plugged in tightly

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