1991 Newspaper Article Reports High Demand for Enterprise Ornament

Article text:
Twenty-five years after embarking on its mission to “boldly go where no man has gone before” the USS Enterprise has crossed another frontier – onto Christmas trees across the country.
And even the stoical Mr. Spock would no doubt be tickled at its success.
Hallmark Cards has turned the famous starship into its newest Christmas ornament. The tiny model – about 5 inches long – features blinking red and green lights! Authentic markings and sells for $20.
The ornament immediately caught the fancy of Trekkies when it arrived in stores in July. Retailers now can’t get enough of the item to satisfy demand. Fans who want the Federation starship on their tree the Christmas are advised to get their names on a waiting list right away.
Dallasan Hallmark in Casa Linda Plaza has sold out of its stock three times, plus the display ornament, and is waiting for more.
That is, except for one ornament, whispch is tucked away out of sight of customers.
“I’m a Trekkie,” says cashier Josef Caldwell. “It’s for me.”
“It’s the biggest demand we’ve ever had for a single ornament,” said Betsy Helgager, spokeswoman for Hallmark in Kansas City, Mo. “We’ve heard about the waiting lists and all that. We expected it to do well, but… (Mitchell Diggs, Scripps Howard News Service)

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3 thoughts on “1991 Newspaper Article Reports High Demand for Enterprise Ornament

  1. Kevin Dilmore

    I’ll always be curious whether that ornament would have been as popular—or whether we ever would have created the line we have now—had it appeared in stores as originally proposed. I’m sure you’ve posted a link to this story elsewhere on the blog, but if anyone out there hasn’t heard sculptor Lynn Norton talk about the first ideas for this ornament, it’s a wild tale. You can read it here:



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