Who is M’Ress?

So…you’re a Star Trek fan but not a STAR TREK FAN. You may or may not know who the latest character Hallmark is honoring for an ornament. Voiced by the queen of Star Trek herself, Majel  Barrett.  M’Ress was only seen on Star Trek: The Animated Series and never appeared on any of the live-action television series or films.

Source: StarTrek.com

A native of the planet Cait, M’Ress is a humanoid feline covered with thick orange fur and sporting large incisors, golden eyes with catlike vertical pupils, and a long tail. Her purring speech makes her a natural communicator, which may partly account for her posting aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise as a relief communications officer, which began at about stardate 5143.3 (2269).

M’Ress graduated from Starfleet Academy in 2266, and rose to the rank of lieutenant in only two years. She is a specialist in communications and computer translator systems. Prior to joining the Enterprise crew, she served aboard a scout ship and the U.S.S. Hood NCC-1703.

M’Ress amuses herself in off-duty hours with the pursuit of Federation and galactic histories and the writing of free-form poetry. She also pursues an interest in anthropology and archaeology, subjects which relate to the histories she studies.

Among the crew personnel, M’Ress is well-liked and includes among her close friends Uhura and Nurse Christine Chapel. The distinctive “purr” in her voice is immediately arresting when she speaks, and she is a popular actress in the ship’s small theatre company.

M’Ress’ three littermates also serve in Starfleet in various capacities. The long line of her ancestors in well-known on Cait, and her parents are honored citizens. M’Ress herself is quiet about her family’s rank. Read more…

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