2018 Predictions: Star Trek Anniversaries and Possible Ornaments

The 2017 Hallmark Star Trek Ornaments are here and San Diego Comic-Con is next week which means we may get 2018 ornament previews. For years SDCC was the platform for Hallmark to sneak preview the next year’s releases. In 2016, Hallmark did not preview Star Trek ornaments at SDCC because their booth was restricted to Star Wars products ending an annual July tradition. Well, this year Hallmark has two booths at the San Diego convention, one dedicated to Star Wars and another one for everything else. Will we get 2018 previews? We will know by mid next week.

Hallmark has celebrated Star Trek’s anniversaries over the years with commemorative ornaments. It began in 1991 with Hallmark’s very first Star Trek Ornament, the 25th Anniversary U.S.S. Enterprise.

The Enterprise was honored again 5 years later for the 30th Anniversary…

…and for the 40th…

…and the 50th…


The 50th actually brought a number of ornaments celebrating the golden anniversary and 2017 gave us a 30th Anniversary of The Next Generation.

It was just five years ago that we celebrated Next Generation’s 25th with their own salute to the Enterprise.

So what might we look forward to in 2018 as far as anniversaries? Star Trek: The Animated Series has never been recognized with an ornament and the cartoon celebrates its 45th Anniversary in 2018 which still makes it an unlikely candidate.  Here’s hoping for an ornament in 2023 for its 50th!

Deep Space Nine celebrates its 25th next year which makes it very likely for 2018. We already had a DS9 Space Station in 2001 so a future ornament would most likely resemble this year’s Picard/Data ornament. Any scene representing DS9 would hopefully include characters we haven’t seen yet like Odo and Quark.

Star Trek: Discovery premieres this fall, would a 2018 ornament be too soon? I expect CBS will do everything they can to promote the series which will have limited viewership due to its subscription based programming.

2018 Star Trek Anniversaries

Star Trek: The Original Series
52nd Anniversary

Star Trek: The Animated Series
45th Anniversary

Star Trek: The Motion Picture
39th Anniversary

Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan
36th Anniversary

Star Trek: The Search for Spock
34th Anniversary

Star Trek: The Voyage Home
32nd Anniversary

Star Trek: The Next Generation
31st Anniversary

Star Trek: The Final Frontier
29th Anniversary

Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country
27th Anniversary

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
25th Anniversary

Star Trek: Generations
24th Anniversary

Star Trek: Voyager
23rd Anniversary

Star Trek: First Contact
22nd Anniversary

Star Trek: Insurrection
20th Anniversary

Star Trek: Enterprise
17th Anniversary

Star Trek: Nemesis
16th Anniversary

Star Trek
9th Anniversary

Star Trek: Into Darkness
15th Anniversary

Star Trek: Beyond
2nd Anniversary

Star Trek: Discovery
1st Anniversary

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