Hallmark’s Star Trek Maxine Cosplay Ornament Showing Up on eBay

Hallmark’s latest Star Trek ornament is beginning to show up on eBay after being first made available at last week’s Star Trek: Mission New York convention.


Image from trekcore.com http://trekcore.com/blog/2016/09/mission-report-star-treks-new-york-convention/2/


Word is they only made 25 ornaments available per day for the three-day event.  The Maxine ornament will be available for the last time at next month’s New York Comic-Con.  The biggest surprise is that the ornament is not a Keepsake ornament but “branded” with the Hallmark name. If you are looking to pick up the new Star Trek Maxine Cosplay ornament it is currently selling on eBay from $55-$129.


”…and exclusive ornaments from Hallmark, which sold out quickly each day of the convention. Of the two Hallmark exclusives, the U.S.S. Enterprise was awesome, while the Maxine figure was OK.” –Hollywood Soapbox

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