Update on Last Month’s Defiant eBay Auction

A 2011 Defiant ornament went up for auction in July that had a few red flags. The seven day auction was originally launched with a $350 “Buy it now” option. In less than 9 hours it had received three bids before it was listed as sold, six days prematurely, for $51. It seems the ornament was relisted on eBay by the original seller and sold for $299.

Well, I received an update today from the would-be buyer that explains how everything went down.

“This was a rip off. I bought the ornament from Nacho at first he ended the auction because he had a buy now at $350 so he ended it I paid $51 then relisted it for $299 so I was the same buyer both totaled $350 which was the buy now price. I waited 2 weeks and he never shipping it. I opened a case he then shipped it but it was not a 2011 Enterprise in fact it was a part for a RV. I don’t believe he ever had it. I got all my money back and left bad feedback warning others to stay away!”

-Stan S.

Fortunately, this buyer was able to get his money back. We appreciate him filling us in on the details.

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