Meet Orville Wilson & Anita Marra Rogers

Orville Wilson

Orville Wilson knew he’d work at Hallmark from a very young age.
“When I was little, I was always drawing. I even won a few contests at school. My mother always said I would work at Hallmark one day.”
As we all know, Mom knows best, and Orville found his way to the marketing department at Hallmark in 2016, where he spent much of his time designing the Dream Book.
It was not long after that Orville’s manager said there was an opening in the Keepsake Village.
“I jumped at the opportunity,” he says. “I had spent my free time learning to create 3D designs. So I scrambled to pull them all together
and even re-rendered a bunch of them to create a portfolio.” That portfolio that got him an interview-and onto the team.

-Hallmark For Keeps: Volume 22 • 2023

Orville Wilson’s Star Trek ornaments: 2014 Vengeance, 2016 ”To Boldly Go”, 2019 Transporter

Anita Marra Rogers

“Growing up in Kansas City, I always wanted to work for Hallmark,” Anita Marra Rogers says. “Unfortunately, I wasn’t good enough at
two-dimensional artwork to get in the door.”
That’s hard to believe, coming from someone who’s in her 38th year in the Keepsake Studio.
“But luckily, I met Peter Dutkin, a Keepsake artist at the time. And he looked at my work and told me I had talent.”
He showed her around the department, and that’s when she spotted a few of the artists sculpting ornament designs.
“It looked like so much fun! I just knew I had to try my hand at it.”
With a little encouragement, Anita had found her calling. She assembled a new portfolio filled with 3D artwork. And that’s how
we ended up with more than 600 of Anita’s designs.

-Hallmark For Keeps: Volume 22 • 2023

Anita Marra Rogers’ Star Trek ornaments: 1995 Picard, 1995 Kirk, 1996 Spock, 1996 Riker, 1997 McCoy, 1997 Data, 1998 Janeway, 1999 Worf, 2000 Seven of Nine, 2000 Worf (Blown Glass), 2001 Sisko, 2001 Q (Blown Glass), 2002 The Doctor, 2003 The Scorpion (w/ Lynn Norton), 2003 Archer, 2003 T’Pol, 2004 Tucker, 2004 ”The City on the Edge of Forever”, 2005 Khan, 2005 Locutus of Borg, 2006 The Transporter Chamber, 2007 Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, 2007 Uhura Red, 2009 ”The Menagerie”, 2009 Uhura Gold, 2010 Kirk Legend, 2010 ”Amok Time”, 2011 Spock Legend, 2012 McCoy Legend, 2013 Scotty Legend, 2014 Sulu Legend, 2015 Uhura Legend, 2016 Chekov Legend

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