7 thoughts on “Hallmark Star Trek Display #130

  1. wabi-sabi man

    the tree topper was made for Christmas 2019: the ship is the 2006 Enterprise NC-1701, mostly since all the effects require the base. the insignia is 3D printed, and the mechanics are from a topper that flew Santa around the tree. we love this so much, that the official Enterprise topper sat at the tree base last year!


  2. wabi-sabi man

    as for everything else. the special release tribble put trouble in my brain. when I was in a Michael’s, I found these poms for knitting that were nearly the exact size as the fuzzy ornaments. we didn’t have our annual party, because 2020, so every time I took photos, I added a few more faux Tribble to the tree, waiting for the big fans to notice.

    I can be subtle.

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  3. wabi-sabi man

    Haha! I forgot to mention: I made sure the faux tribbles were gathered around the Trouble With Tribbles scene ornament. Also, sticking with canon, I was sure to keep a wide tribble-free zone around Lt Commander Worf, because: Klingons. 🤣🤣🤣

    I do like subtle, too.



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