2021 Top 10 Hallmark Star Trek Ornaments: #4

#4: 2020-2022 Storyteller Enterprise Tree Topper

Retail: $149.99
2021 Secondary Market: $179.99 (still available in stores through 2022)
Size:  6.59″ W x 9.89″ H x 15″ D.
Code: QXI6004

Star Trek fans and collectors have been clamoring for a tree topper for years. 2016 brought the Death Star tree topper to Star Wars fans. In 2019, Harry Potter fans got their tree topper in the form of the Hogwarts Castle. Finally in 2020, the centerpiece of Star Trek Christmas trees everywhere soared into homes. A mammoth 15” long Enterprise Tree Topper places #4 on our Top 10 list. Standing at almost 10” tall it is the bane of Christmas trees everywhere that may have already been brushing the ceiling.

Storytellers by Hallmark are a series of themed ornaments that are linked together to recreate a story. Disney, Harry Potter, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Peanuts and Star Wars are all brands that have received the Storytellers treatment in recent years.

The chosen Storyteller episode is Mirror, Mirror, one of the rare times all the main characters had a substantial part to play. In this episode, we encounter the evil version of our loved crew who are now a part of the Terran Empire instead of the United Federation of Planets. The characters in the Mirror Universe are aggressive and mistrustful in personality.  This is a universe where advancement is more likely achieved by murder rather than promotion. Mirror, Mirror is a much beloved episode of Star Trek and the mirror universe would be revisited in five episodes of Deep Space Nine, two episodes of Enterprise and nine episodes of Discovery.

By far the heaviest ornament to date, the Enterprise tree topper comes with a rigid plastic rod that Velcro’s to the top of your tree. Once the rod is secured, the Enterprise mounts onto it and the end result is a surprisingly stable topper. The ornament is then connected to a power adapter (included) which needs to be strategically hidden within the tree. Press the button on the remote control or on the base of the tree topper to watch it illuminate in blue, green, purple, red, white, and yellow lights. The sound effects range from Star Trek’s theme to thunder to the transporter chamber and many other sound effects.

The tree topper is a beautiful sculpt by Jake Angell who has been doing ornament designs since 2012. The Enterpise is activated by a Starfleet Delta remote which is an ornament of its own in disguise. The upper and lower main arrays glow in a stunning white but the standout is the rotating nacelles. This ship is the real deal.

When linked with other Star Trek Storytellers ornaments you will hear dialogue from the episode. The beauty of the design is that the ornaments communicate whether you own two ornaments or all eight that are planned in the series. The ship’s main function when other characters are connected is that of ship sound effects which gives the scenes a true Star Trek atmosphere.

Mirror, Mirror Storytellers Series
Enterprise Tree Topper (July 2020)
Kirk (July 2020)
Sulu (July 2020)
Uhura (October 2020)
Spock (July 2021)
Chekov (October 2021)
McCoy (2022)
Scotty (2022)

There is no reason to pay inflated prices on eBay or secondhand sites. All of the Storytellers that have been released will be available in Hallmark stores through 2022. The only time the entire set will be for sale at once will be October through December 2022. The set will not be available after Christmas 2022.

Image from hallmark.com review

This ornament will stand proudly atop your Christmas tree.
This ornament has a remote control.
This ornament has lights.
This ornament has sound.
This ornament communicates with other ornaments.
This ornament can be displayed on its own.
This ornament would bully its way into any Top 10 list.
This ornament is three pounds of Christmas goodness.

Next time, LOGICALLY, we discuss #3.

2 thoughts on “2021 Top 10 Hallmark Star Trek Ornaments: #4

  1. Kevin Dilmore

    Whoohoo! Very nice to see this one make the top 10. The Storytellers set certainly is on my list of Star Trek projects of which I’m most proud. Thank you for a terrific post. I’m very glad to see how much you and everyone is enjoying this set.



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