Hallmark Legacy Cord No Longer Available (2021)


According to Hallmark’s website the Legacy cord is no longer being offered. The Legacy cord was used to provide sound, light, and motion when connected by the “pigtail” of up to four Magic ornaments produced prior to 2010 (1983-2009). Magic ornaments were originally powered by plugging the ornament into an incandescent light string but the newer LED light strings were not compatible with the older ornaments. The 64″ Legacy cord resembles an extension cord with four connectors spaced 18” apart and was a great solution to the light string issue.

Unfortunately, fifteen Star Trek Magic ornaments and more than 200 other Keepsake ornaments will remain quiet, dark and motionless unless you have access to the older light strings or were savvy enough to pick up the Legacy cords when they were available. Secondary ornament sites were offering Legacy cords for more than $70.00 but are listed as out of stock. There is currently only one Legacy cord listed on eBay, it is being offered at $139.99.

Hallmark Star Trek Magic Ornaments:
1991 Enterprise
1992 Galileo
1993 Enterprise D
1994 Klingon Bird of Prey
1995 Romulan Warbird
1996 Voyager
1997 Defiant
1998 Enterprise E
1999 Rio Grande
2000 Borg Cube
2002 Delta Flyer
2003 Scorpion
2004 Vulcan Command
2004 “The City on the Edge of Forever”
2005 Locutus of Borg

Image from 2020 Dream Book

13 thoughts on “Hallmark Legacy Cord No Longer Available (2021)

  1. Camille Johnson

    Really need to bring these back for those of us that just want to enjoy our ornaments. eBay prices are outrageous!!!!


  2. Ellen Van Handel

    I have been a collector of your Hallmark Ornaments for many years, especially the Peanuts Plug Ins plus many others. I have so many that one cord would be enough to power up my ornaments. I can’t afford to pay the high ridiculous prices for the few i find on the secondary market. How can we enjoy these ornaments with no source of power? Please bring these Legacy Cords back so we can have a Merry Christmas and keep the tradition alive.


    1. Joni Marusak

      Please bring the legacy cord back. I have collected your ornaments since 1978. I purchased the movement ones and enjoyed them. Now I can’t find any where they work. Please bring back the legacy cord or something similar. Thank you I am disgusted that I paid the extra money for the motion ones and now Hallmark does it support them? I have a dated Hallmark ornament for every year from 1978 forward and would like all of them on my tree….


  3. Josh

    I agree with all of the comments! I would love to power my Star Wars Hallmark Ornaments with the Legacy Power Cord and not have incandescent light bulbs interfere with the new LED ones. Please bring it back, Hallmark, for us collectors.


  4. terri zwingle

    Have spent hundreds of dollars on hallmark ornaments, this is bs that you no longer sell the cord to connect the magic star trek, journey to space and all the other that i paid at least 25.00 and more for


  5. Renee

    You can make it work with your current light set…

    What if the connector does not fit in the light string socket?

    If the connector of the UL-listed ornament does not fit properly into the light string socket, follow these directions:

    1. Straighten the wire clips on the plug end of the connector, and pull off the plastic end piece
    Do not twist wire clips
    2. Remove a light bulb from your light string and separate the bulb from its plastic end piece
    3. Attach the plastic end piece from your light string’s bulb onto the wire clips of the connector
    4. Bend back the wire clips of the connector cord to their original position

    The connector cord plug end should now fit properly into your light string socket.


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  7. Kimmkr

    Please bring these back. I spends thousand of Dollars at Hallmark and it’s not fair that I can’t power these ornaments anymore.


  8. Kinmie

    Please bring these back. I spend thousands of dollars in Hallmark and have so many of these ornaments. It’s not fair they won’t work anymore.


  9. Al Kennedy

    I spent a lot of money on keep sake ornaments that had motion and sounds . They are great, but they don’t work on the newer lights. Hallmark had not come up with a way to power these ornaments. Until they get a fix for this I will not buy another ornament from Hallmark. I’ve spent hours trying to find a way or find old light strings that will work. If you have any suggestions please let me know. Thanks



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