Spock Ornament With Inverted Insignia Found

This item is currently available on eBay but is not affiliated with this site.

IMG_0755This is for two 2018 Hallmark Ornament Mr. Spock. What makes this special is that one of them is an error piece. As you can see in the pictures, one of the pieces has the Star Trek insignia on Mr. Spock’s shirt upside down. I checked online and on eBay and have not seen another one like this. The winner of this will get both the error and the correct piece. I emailed Hallmark along with the scans and even they were stumped. It could be a one of a kind piece. I purchased this last week at Kmart.

I was going to hold on to this until I have more information but I decided to sell it in order to pay for Christmas bills.

I uploaded a messaged sent by Hallmark just received today (January 3, 2019).

US buyers only please. Please feel free message me if you have any questions or if you would like additional scans.


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